Writing copy that sells is pretty hard for business owners, unless of course one is a copywriter. The only way to make sales online is to have a compelling sales pages and copy that sells.

Hiring a copywriter is very expensive and as a beginner business owner hiring one may not be possible. That was the case for me too. It is a catch 22 where you need copy that converts to make sales but you dont make sales until your copy is converting.

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Writing copy that sells

I have multiple online courses hence I have had a need for multiple sales pages and copy that sells. I am not a native English speaker yet I sell to native English speakers… not an easy combination.

With that in mind I had to come up with a new way to create copy on my sales pages.

I discovered a total lifesaver – FunnelScripts

What is Funnelscripts

Funnelscripts writes your landing page copy for you. Their slogan is “”How To Get ALL Of Your Sales LettersScriptsAnd Webinars Slides Written (In Under 10 MinutesWITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!””

And it truly delivers what it promises. Click here to watch free webinar demo how you can get copy that sells in minutes and without hiring a copywriter.

I have used Funnelscripts on my webinar copy, landing pages, webinar pages, sales pages, emails, blog posts and more. It is really great tool get highly effective copy with minimal effort.

How to Use FunnelScripts

Funnelscripts is really easy and quick to use.

Below you can see the start screen and some of the many options you have.

writing copy that sells


One of the best things about Funnelscipts is that is easy and quick to use – writing copy that sells happen in minutes!

No copywriter can produce that kind of results.

Another great thing about Funnelscripts is that the copy you get from them is proven to work. If you have ever heard of Clickfunnels and/or Russel Brunson, you already know that they test everything. They literally test everything time and time again to get the best results for their business, and their clients.

So if you are looking for a copy for your webinar slides, sales page, opt-in form or just need hundreds of proven viral blog posts titles – Funnelscripts is the best investment you can make. Fire away your copywriter and take control of your sales today.

Be an action taker!

If you are not sure yet, why not read my Funnelscript Review.

*Disclaimer: I am Funnelscripts Affiliate Partner and a user – I only support products that I’ve tested and tried myself. You pay nothing extra by clicking my links.*




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