Traveling the world is one of top dreams people have and one that has been tough or even impossible to materialize for many. But good news now is that it is possible for anyone who wishes to quit rat race and become location independent. By working Online it is possible to be located anywhere you wish – it could be by the beach in Thailand, remote ski cabin in the Alps, central London or anywhere else where there is internet connection!

Working online really opens up totally new doors for wannabe travelers. It’s no longer an unattainable dream but one that can be turned into reality by anyone. And highly recommend to go after it with full force as there is nothing better than to pick your own office view!

Pick that office view

I think one of the easiest ways to nomad lifestyle is online freelancing. Its miles ahead any other option, as well as being cheapest, compared with starting your own company and selling products. As an online freelancer you could sign up today and start work tomorrow! When you are freelancing online you can pick your office view as clients generally do not mind where freelancer is located as long as work gets done.

So what is your dream office view?

Here is my next dream for an office view…

working online

Yes, New York. Fell in love with the place immediately on a holiday and loved the opportunities it offers both on business side but culture, cuisine and so much more. Why is it a dream? Well there are still many other places on the list too and been too busy house sitting in Australia and Europe to get to New York yet – plus I am waiting for that dream house sit in Manhattan!

To get to the point of being able to pick office view you want, there are few steps…

How to get started with working online

Becoming an online freelancer is pretty straight forward and quick to do. Check out this list of online freelancing websites. Depending on your background, choose a website(s) that has most jobs on your profession and sign up. Don’t get scared of the competition you see on these website. Why? With my experience I can confirm that 98% of freelancer proposals are binned in first seconds! Reason for that is that they proposal letters and/or profiles are so poor that they never even stood a real chance of getting the job. So do not worry about competition and focus on perfecting your profile and proposal letter. Here’s an article about How to Win Contracts on Odesk that you may find helpful.

Why I recommend online freelancing?

Because it is easy to get started and last there are thousands of clients with existing need for a talent! If you start a company it takes time to build solid client base to keep you going on long term, but with freelancing you are meeting a current need for work to be done. If you have not taken the plunge yet, you can start freelancing part-time while you still work on your day job and build solid client base.

It is also by far the quickest way to nomad lifestyle as you will be making money much sooner than you would by starting a blog for example. You can do these parallel and freelance until your blog is making enough money to support your travels.

What is needed to start working online?

Great thing about working online is that it really does not need that much in the beginning, at least on monetary wise. Most important thing you need is a strong will, great set of goals and positive mind-set to keep going.

Necessary investment is very low, or most likely a zero, if you already have a laptop and internet connection at home. It does not cost anything to sign up on these websites nor to send out a proposal (although some websites have paid membership plans but I do not recommend buying those in the beginning). So only expense comes into play when you book your flight tickets.

Same goes with software – you most likely have everything already or if not there are tons of free or low cost options available. Read some recommended ones here.

You will need to dedicate couple of evenings in the beginning to research on best website for you, write your profile, get professional profile photo and research and set up payment systems. I highly recommend taking few nights time to perfect your profile and proposal letter as these two are the key to your success! Once you have these in play its time to send proposals, but don’t just apply to any odd jobs but go after your dream jobs.

Hardest Step in the Process is..

The hardest step in the whole process is the first – making the decision to change your life and go after your dreams. So many people stop at this stage because of fears of all kind, pressure from friends and family and many others. But once you make the critical step to follow your passions and dreams – rest is easy! If you would like to connect with like-minded people and chat about all things working online, house sitting and nomad lifestyle – please join shiny new Facebook Group for Anywhere Freelancers.

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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