Stop Procrastinating, Start Doing

By Nina Kolari

stop procrastinating

Do you have a good friend called Procrastination? You know the one that just loves to hang around with you no matter what. All day, all night. Its there for you all the time you need, and time you don’t need it. Stop procrastination, Start Doing is probably one of the most common New Years resolution many make. It could be named differently but underlining idea is the same -> make this year way better than last and finally start following your dreams.

I am no stranger to procrastination; I use to be the pro at procrastination. It’s still my buddy but not my best friend. It would control my life and my business. I would go for the next shiny thing just so that I would not have to focus on what I should have been doing. I would put of things for days and months with random excuse after another.

Sound familiar?

Well, lets make 2017 really a better year than this. And what better way to start than with bit of laughter. Here’s great and funny TED talk about procrastination:



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