3 Steps to Publishing Your First Notebook or Journal

in Less Than a Day!


Learn how to find profitable niches on Amazon and build up a publishing business working at home.


Learn how to create internal pages for your books and multiply your publishing efforts.


Publish with confidence and build up your business beyond Amazon.

Why Amazon & Low Content?

  • Easy to start and you can use free tools in the beginning and upgrade once you are making money.
  • Reach whopping 150 millions people already Shopping on Amazon with Prime membership.
  • You can sell these books also on other platforms like Etsy, Shopify and more.

Hi, I'm Nina.

Business Coach

I spend my days helping people like you start & grow online businesses. I started online business over a decade ago and currently run multiple businesses in various niches. One of my favorite businesses is low content books as it truly is a passive income stream. 

3 Steps to Publishing Your First Notebook & Journal

in Less Than a Day!

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