My Recommended Hosting Company + Special offer – Siteground Black Friday

By Nina Kolari

siteground black friday

Big part of your business is your online presence and your website. For a new business owner just to find a host can be a daunting experience. Readings tons of reviews does not help either as it seems only few hosting companies are recommended by every website. You may have seen Bluehost, Hostgator and Siteground mentioned time and time again. Reason for all these reviews are affiliate marketing. Writer of these reviews do not necessarily use the services themselves but are affiliate partners with the companies. Nothing wrong with that, I am affiliate partner with many (including Siteground), but it is hard to know who is recommending because they genuinely like the service or because of wanting to earn commission.

So to be clear, I host all my websites with Siteground. I have used Hostgator and even Godaddy when I first started, but would not go back even if they paid. Reason why is for another blog posts… but let’s get to the topic of this one – web hosting and company I recommend.

Reason why  I am publishing this post now is Black Friday offer that is coming up next week.

Siteground Black Friday Offer

Let’s start with the offer because price is important, right?

So for Black Friday Siteground is offering 70% off for new members – that is a huge savings on your first years hosting.

What do you get for that money

Ok, reasons why I stay year after year with Siteground is there really, really awesome customer support! I am not a coder so can easily mess up WordPress site just by accident and Siteground support has always fixed it within hours! I am serious, their support is just awesome and so helpful.

So you get “tech guy on call” with Siteground. Of course they dont fix anything and everything but so far they have fixed all my errors without a question.

Uptime – Your website is live and accessable

This is pretty important consideration when choosing your host. The whole point of having a website is to it to be live. Siteground offers 99,99% uptime for your website. You can easily keep track of your websites uptime with Jetpack’s free service. Jetpack is owned by Automattic who are owners and developers of WordPress. I recommend adding Jetpack to any website as they offer great (free) add-ons.

Free SSL

You might think that you do not need SSL but Google is starting to penalize non-SSL websites on their search results. So you may end up seeing less and less traffic from Google simply because you do not have SSL for your website. SSL means that your web address starts with https:// and not the usual http://. Small thing that makes a big impact, also for your reader.

Cloudflare integration (free)

Cloudflare is great add-on for any website. Cloudflare provides added layer of security and performance for your website. You can add Cloudflare to your domain with couple of clicks via Siteground. You can start with free account, but paid options are available if you want more speed and protection. For a beginner online entrepreneur, free option is enough.

Anything bad about Siteground?

Just like pretty much any hosting company, the beginner plans are all shared hosting. This means that lot of people have their website on the same server. This is totally fine as long as you are not sharing your site with thousands and thousands of other websites. You may see slower website as a result.

So this is not a Siteground issue – you’ll see this with every hosting provider. But having said that there are better hosts and worst hosts in this issue (refer to my earlier comment about certain hosts).

Siteground Black Friday Offer

Ok since I am affiliate partner for Siteground, I of course can offer you a Siteground Black Friday Special Offer. Black Friday offer is valid only between 24-27 November 2017! Click here to access.


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