Jumping from full-time job into full-time entrepreneur or business owner is pretty scary thought. That is why starting part-time while you work full-time is great way to start the road towards freedom from 9-5. In this post I present you the best side business ideas I found online. Many I am doing myself as well. 

Side hustle path is incredible rewarding, challenging and exhilarating at the same time. It requires sacrifice and hard work but pay off is totally worth it. 

The most common question I am asked is how can I do what you do and how can I get started. 

In the post below I show many paths you can choose from.

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links*

Start a Blog

Yes, blogs are still in, and actually more than ever! But I'd suggest starting an authority blog relating to your skill set rather than one talking about your life. 

Why so?

It is way easier and quicker to monetize authority blog than lifestyle blog. You make more money quicker and work less this way.

I waited way too long to start mine! Honestly if I had started when I thought about it the first time, this blog would be so much bigger today.  

Do not wait for the perfect idea, just start. 

You can set up your blog very easily with Bluehost. And I highly recommend starting with a professional blog that is hosted by Bluehost or any other hosting service. Don't sign up with Blogger, WordPress.com blog. Also use your own domain - you'll get one for free if you sign up clicking below banner image.

Bluehost helps you set up and host your blog with ease. You can crete WordPress blog with just a couple of clicks. 

Online Freelancing

One of the quickest way out of corporate cubicle as as online freelancer you can offer your services to a global client base. 

Upwork.com and many other online freelance platforms have hundreds of new projects posted on a daily basis. You can freelance as customer support, social media consultant, virtual assistant, graphic designer, web developer, sales, marketing, project management and so much more. 

It is really important to find a profitable niche right off the start and learn how proposal process works online and what clients want to see. You cant apply with your resume thinking it works - you need a new strategy. This course helps you get a winning start. 

If your current skills don't really match with freelance opportunities, check below great nanodegree and online course options.

Web Development

This is one of the most common remote jobs you could have. Developers can work pretty much anywhere anytime. 

If you do not have web dev skills but you are interested, I have great news for you! You do not need uni degree, a nanodegree or online course can teach you everything to get started. 

Here's couple of examples of courses that you can take to quickly train as a web developer. 

Graphic Design

Along with web development, graphic design is seens as a traditional freelance/remote job. As with web dev, an university degree is not required. Formal education of course helps but it is not necessary by any means. Creativity is. 

You do need to learn tools of the trade and here are couple of courses that could help you get started. Suggested courses:

Graphic Design Boothcamp by Derrick Mitchell.

Start a Vlog / Youtube Channel

Vlogging is a great way to start a side hustle and offers endless opportunities and endless ways of making money. 

Youtube channel can still success as a "lifestyle vlog" but one great option is to create an authority vlog on certain topic. 

One of the great topics for YT channel is to create review vlog where you test and try various products/software/etc and you earn commission when ever someone makes a purchase with your link.

You do not need fancy equipment to start, your mobile and mic is enough. 

Suggested course to take ->

Online Coaching

Do people around you often asked how do you do what you do or how did you achieve XYZ?

If yes, you could become online coach that helps people archieve their dreams. I've been both online life coach and online business coach.

Coaching is all about creating a community of like-minded people. To start with you could create Facebook group around your topic. When the group starts growing, you can start sell your services. 

If you would like to learn more about online coaching you could take this Udemy course or I can also coach you to become an online coach.

Amazon FBA

If you rather sell products than services, Amazon is the worlds largest marketplace and you can sell pretty much anything on the platform. 

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) means that you do not have any warehouse or product delivery worries. Amazon does all this for you.

Many Amazon sellers I know purchase products from China, ship them to Amazon warehouse and let Amazon to handle all shipping and customer support.

You can sell clothes, kitchen utilities, mobile accessories, pens, notebooks, calendars.... pretty much anything! What would you like to sell?

This is great option if you do not want to handle products yourself and are ok for Amazon to take their cut from your profit to handle all selling and shipping. 

Affiliate Marketing

This is what I do also and I love it! 

If you already have a website/blog/Youtube channel/followers you can monetize traffic and followers with affiliate marketing. 

One of the best products to promote to business audience is Clickfunnels. Reason for this is that Clickfunnels are fantastic in selling and marketing and their two-tier affiliate commissions.

Two-tier means that if you click this link to get free book and end up purchasing something I get commission for your purchase. And if you then also decide to become affiliate and start promoting Clickfunnels and bring people to Clickfunnels and they purchase something then we both earn commission!

I am an affiliate to many products mostly related to online business. I drive traffic to these offers via SEO/Google. 

If you are interested learning about becoming an affiliate to Clickfunnels, here's 100 days to CF Affiliate Success course.

Virtual Assistant

If you have great admin skills and love to work closely with your clients, becoming a virtual assistant is a great option.

After years of being in business there are two things I've noticed that make a great VA. Tech skills and actively looking ways to help your client more. 

With tech skills I mean knowing how to use Clickfunnels, Mailchimp, Convertkit and other common online business tools. Many business owners are clueless with these and are willing to pay to have someone else to set up and manage these. Takes bit of time but pays off!

Other is actively looking for more ways to help business owner. We are very busy and we dont always know what extra tasks you could help us with. That is why we need VA's that actively tell us how they can help us better and more.

You can find clients from Upwork, Indeed and even Facebook groups! If you want to learn some basic VA skills, check out my course on Clickfunnels and Mailchimp.

If you are interested in location independent lifestyle, becoming a VA is great option! 

Language Teacher

Teaching languages remotely is great way to start your side hustle. There are many type of language teacher/tutor jobs for all kinds of skills. Converstation class teacher generally require any formal education or training. 

If you are keen to learn more you can take TOEFL (check this Google search for more) course online or 4 weeks in class. Read this before you sign up with any teacher training schools.

Classes are often held via Skype or other video call app. Your internet connection must be reliable and fast.

You can earn up to $25 per hour as an online language teacher teaching both adults and children new language. 

You can sign up with language school as a teacher or go solo with websites like iTalki.

Social Media Manager

We all stair at our mobile phones majority of the day and many times we are looking at one of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. 

You can offer social media manager services to businesses who do not have the time or interest handle their social media presense. This involves posting, commenting, liking and increasing followers. 

You can also train to become Facebook Ads consultant if you have keen interest in the topic. This will make your side gig quickly a full-time job. 

best side business idea

Sales Funnel Consultant

Every business needs a sales funnel!

There I said it. Over the 10 years in business the biggest challenge businesses face is lack of leads and lack of sales. Sales funnel is what fixes it - well partly anyways. 

Sales funnel consultant uses platforms like Clickfunnels/Convertri/Leadpages/etc. to build funnels for their clients. I also wrote more indepth post about it, you can read it here

Skills required are basic tech skills, writing skills and graphic skills. Of course you do not need to have all skills yourself, you can work with fellow side hustler who was the skills you don't. 

House Sitting

Here's selection of my house sitting buddies from all over the world.

Not exactly a job per se but one that can help you go from corporate cubicle to freedom in matter of months.

A house sitter looks after a house, and often animals, while the owner is away. While you are house sitting you don't have rent or any house hold bills to pay. You can invest saved money to your business or build up your rainy day fund. 

You can save thousands per month being a house sitter. For one year I house sat in Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Oregon and New York allowing me to live rent free for whopping 11 months!

There are also some paid house sits available. Learn more about house sitting and sign up internet's best house sitting site with 25% discout - click here.

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

  • These are some great options for a side hustle business! All of these have the potential to bring in a lot of money over time. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great ideas. I’ve done a few of them! haha But they are all great ways to get out of your 9-5.

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