This case study is from a Profitable Pin client with bridal eCommerce store.

I'll walk you through what I did to their account to make it go from zero organic traffic to whipping 2,000 website visitors in just 30 days of work!

This is why Selling on Pinterest can be easy for ecommerce stores.

And its been couple of months since I set up the account and the traffic just keeps rising by the month.

Below is graph of impression since end of April when Profitable Pin started working on the account.

They went from zero visibility to 4,729,064 impressions.

That is over 4 MILLION impressions in under 3 MONTHS.

And this was just account optimization with zero ongoing pinning!

Selling on Pinterest Case Study : pinterest stats for ecommerces store

Client Background

To start with, let me talk a little about the client. They are an ecommerce store targeting brides - ideal business for Pinterest.

They did not want to do ongoing pinning but focus on ads. They just wanted account set up and optimized to make most of their advertising efforts. And of course ready in case they did want ongoing pinning later on.

I can't share the name of the client as I bet their competitors would go ahead snoop around... as we did take quite a bit of visibility and traffic away from competitors!

The Process

The process is actually really simple since this was just account optimization and set up.

I am very big on optimization, keywords and any type of work that brings passive traffic.

Sure regular pinning is important but ground work must be done with passive traffic in mind. 


So the process was literally this simple:

- deep client and competitor analysis

- keyword research on Pinterest and Google using relevant keyword tools

- hashtag research in and out of Pinterest

- optimize account for main keyword

- optimize boards for main and long tail keywords

- pinning all products to Pinterest with optimized descriptions

- create boards based on prior keyword research

- repin pins from main board to other relevant boards

There were no boards or pin created other than for product pins.

I did not pin any content from other pinners, this was pure client content only. 

selling on pinterest - pinterest optimization took client from zero to 4 Million visibility in under 90 days


So let's talk about results in detail. Client has currently 800 followers which is a decent amount of followers.

I always say not to focus on number of followers as that does not dictate visibility on Pinterest - optimization does. Proof is with my client results as well.

Pin Saves

Below you can see Saves for past 3 months - total 11,166 saves.

This means over 11,000 people saved my clients pin to their own boards.

A save does not give necessarily immediate traffic, but can do so anytime later. And this was a bridal company. 

Pinterest is place to plan events and as my client is in the wedding industry, a save today can turn out to be very valuable today or years later.

selling on pinterest - pinterest optimization took client from zero to 4 Million visibility in under 90 days

Pin Clicks

Next clicks... that is what we always aim for and we did so well for the client!

Remember they started with zero traffic from Pinterest, and went to 7,345 visitors in under 90 days!

That's is beyond excellent result in a very competitive niche.

selling on pinterest - pinterest optimization took client from zero to 4 Million visibility in under 90 days
This is clear indication that ecommerce stores do have presense on Pinterest but they are not optimizing the account or pins for search, only relying on followers to bring traffic.

Relying on followers only is one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses do on Pinterest. Yes there is more work in the beginning to optimize but the ROI is just so worth it. 

This is fantastic news to you as you can still rank on main keywords pretty easily on Pinterest if you know what you are doing.

My client initially though of doing ads and not worry about anything else. Now that they've seen the results, they have not done a single ad yet! They dont need to!

As you can see on all graphs, trend is still upwards even without ongoing work on the account.


Your Ecommerce Store

Would you get same results like my client did?

Maybe you would but it is not guaranteed. I have other clients who've got similar results so it is possible, but we live on Pinterest each and every day.

You do need to focus on keywords, hashtags and making sure you capture both on all fronts. If you are interested starting Pinterest for your ecommerce store, reach out and let's see if Profitable Pin is best partner for you.

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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