11 Remote Writing Jobs

By Nina Kolari

If you have flair for writing and language you are quite easily able to make money online. Here are top remote writing jobs for you:

Remote Writing Jobs

1 – Article writing – Millions of websites need website content to attract visitors from the searches engines. By learning how to write compelling content and search engine optimization, you have the possibility to make living writing articles.

2 – Copywriting – a gentle art persuading people to buy through the written word. This can be a lucrative skill that can land you freelancing work.

3 – EBook ghost-writing – together with copywriting, ghost-writing is a common project posted on freelancing marketplaces.  Publishing a book is a great way to establish credibility and expertise, but not everyone has the writing talent or time to do it. Search any marketplace and you’ll find many projects on ghost-writing.

4 – Technical writing – different from copywriting, technical writing is a totally different type of writing. Businesses need instruction manuals and the like. It is great option for those that feel they don’t have creative writing skills.

5 – Script writing – Businesses need professional scripts for their video and audio materials. Online courses are a hot topic right now and many trainers need fine-tuned scripts for the programs.

6 – Travel writing – getting paid to travel sounds like a dream come true. It’s a highly competitive market, but also a highly lucrative market. You can make a full time income as a freelancer travel writer, writing pieces for magazines and online publications as well as starting your own blog and sell books to add extra income streams.

7 – Translation – as with writing, there is a large demand for remote translation services. On Upwork translation is one of the largest project categories. You are able get into this field fairly easily as long as you have good writing skills and grasp of two languages.

8 – Proofreading and editing – one of the hardest things is to find errors in own content. That is where editors come in. If you have a keen eye for typos and grammar errors, proofreading and editing is way to go. It can also be a good supplement to freelance writing.

9 – Transcription – all about converting audio into written format. The medical and legal professions are particularly in need of transcription. You must have great typing skills to really make it, but it is relatively easy to get started.

10 – Language teaching – speak more than one language? You already have an income skillset right there. You can find teaching projects on freelancing websites and many websites geared towards learning a language.

11 – Resume writing – like many other writing skills, there is a large marketplace in the resume writing field. A jobseeker needs a professional and compelling resume; they’ll pay to have a one.

What kinds of writing jobs could you do remotely?


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