If you have sales and marketing skills you are easily able to make money online. Here are top remote marketing jobs for you

Remote Marketing Jobs

1. Sales – great sales skills are always in demand, and there are plenty of companies that will hire a remote freelancer for over-the-phone roles. If you love connecting with people, sales are your forte.

2. Search engine optimization – one of the most sought after freelancers and everyone wants to find their website on number one position on Google. A great thing about SEO is that you do not need a degree or long education to make it big. You are able to learn SEO online for free or join an intensive training program. Up to $1000/month paying contracts are common.

3. Social media marketing – along SEO SMM is another lucrative career option. All companies, small and large, nowadays need a social media presence. For a company, it is important to engage with customers and build relationships on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Best is that you may already have the exact skills required and again no degree necessary. As a social media expert, you most likely find monthly paying clients, and pay is great!

4. Google Adwords Expert – Along with SEO and being on 1st page on Google, Google ads are an important source of targeted traffic business. If you can write great advertising messages and structure campaigns, you can remote your own services and also sell it to clients at a high profit.

5. Public relations – if you can write press releases and form relationships with journalists, you can help companies get news coverage.

6. Email marketing – email marketing is one of the easiest ways to monetize current customers. Email marketing is not just being able to write compelling copy, but also to customize email template, work with email lists and analyze results.

7. Affiliate marketing – affiliate marketers earn commissions by promoting companies products online. If you’re able to get in front of people through Google, Facebook and other avenues, this could be a great career option for you.

8. Recruitment – have an ability to team up talented people with a great client who need their skills? Recruitment is sales but you also have to have great people skills. No formal training required!

9. Marketing management – If you have extensive knowledge of marketing and can manage people, this could suit you. You could find yourself managing a team of online marketers who do social media, Google Ads and PR for example. It’s good to get training but not necessary if you can prove your worth some other way.

10. Project management – if you’re a pro at organizing people and making sure complex projects stay on budget and within deadlines, you can sell these skills as a freelancer or contractor.

11. Product management – handle clients product lifecycle remotely from strategic planning all the way to tactical activities. Less common remote job title but nevertheless doable one. Working with clients enhancing product selection and analyzing strategic partners.

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Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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