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A quiz funnel is basically set of questions that you ask from your lead in order to find out more about them and their business. It is also a highly effective opt-in tool to grow your email list. People love to know more about themselves and a quiz is a quick way to learn something new – people love quick solutions to their needs. Lastly quiz results are often shared with friends to compare results giving you extra exposure.

quiz funnel

Quiz Funnel – Why & How

One of the main reasons to use a quiz on your website is to separate or segment your leads/customers. For example for funnels I could have a quiz on my site that would tell me why person is interested in funnels and what type of funnels they want.

I provide done-for-you and DIY funnels for various businesses including online course creators, local business, book author and coach/consultant. With a quiz I am able to segment each lead into those categories and then push them into a specific email sequence.

This way I always talk about issues that they are interested. A book author and a local brick and mortar business owner have totally different needs and different funnels and without a quiz I would not be able to separate the two. I would just push the same message to both and end up with lot of unsubscribes from my list.

With segmentation I can customize each message to match the exact need for a lead. This increases trust and more importantly conversions.

How to create a quiz without coding

Ok here’s the great part – you can create a quiz easily without knowing a single line of code. I will showcase you two options for quiz funnel – Interact and Thrivethemes.

Interact Quizzes

Create quizzes you can use to grow your email list, drive sales, and increase your social media presence.

Interact is really an easy way to get started with quizzes. You can use their done for you quizzes so you don’t even have to come up with questions or answers. You can customize all quizzes to match your business and branding.

Let’s look at Interact in more detail.

Quiz Templates

Interact provides huge list of done for your quizzes that you can implement to your website in minutes.

quiz funnel interact templates

As you can see there are tons of quiz options for multiple niches. See full list here.

What I really like about Interact is the templates – I don’t have time (or interest) to design a quiz from scratch. I use template as a starting point and then customize it to match my business needs. I run multiple websites for different audiences and so far I found exactly what I needed from Interact’s template collections.

Building a Quiz

Creating a new quiz is such an easy experience on Interact. Below you can see an image of the user interface when using one of the templates.

quiz funnel interact UI

Below you can watch a video how I use Interact to build a quiz funnel.

Click here to access one of my quizzes built on Interact.

Interact starts from $29 / month all the way to pro level $209 / month (I have pro level in use as a part of being Interact’s partner)

What I like

  • Huge template library
  • Ability to implement a quiz onto a website literally in minutes
  • Easy to use and user friendly interface
  • You also get Giveaways (really powerful tools!) and polls

The only downside to some might be the monthly pricing model.

If you like what you see and want to give it a try, click here to get free trial on me.

Ok, that’s enough on Interact. To be fair I though show you another tool you can use to create a quiz. Just a note, I do not personally use this tool in my business at the moment!

Thrivethemes Quiz Funnel Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder’s under the surface system will help you increase your email list, social shares, AND give you data to grow your business.

If you already use Thrivethemes for your business/website, their quiz builder is great way to go. It is also great option if you do not want to use a paid monthly service. You can get Thrivethemes as a one of fee per plugin or as a membership accessing all their themes and plugins.

quiz funnel thrivethemes review

Let’s get into details

Thrivethemes quiz builder comes with just 3 templates to start with so it does require little bit more work on your side. If you already have a quiz ready, Thrivethemes might be better option for you. Even if you don’t, you can head to Upwork and get a freelancer working on your custom quiz at a very affordable price.

Visual builder is easy to use and you are able to create quizzes quickly and smoothly.

Thrive offers couple of pricing options. You can purchase a single plugin license for $67 for one website, $97 for 5 websites and $147 for 15 websites. Or you can opt into getting a $19/month membership (paid annually) that gives you access to all Thrivethemes plugins and themes.

quiz funnel thrivethemes

What I like

  • One of pricing option ie no monthly membership
  • Part of Thrivethemes that are built for conversion
  • Complete design freedom
  • Powerful A/B testing ability

Downside for some could be lack of templates and learning curve to start using Thrivethemes quiz builder.

Check out Thrivethemes Quiz Builder here.

Quiz Funnel Recap

A quiz is a really powerful lead generation tool that can take your business from unknown to viral in matter of days.

I highly recommend using lead segmentation tool in your business if you are serving distinctive niches that may have slightly different needs. By separating the leads you are able to convert in much higher percentage.

I reviewed two tools that you can use – both have their distinct differences and benefits.

My recommendation is…

if you do not want to do any customization or create a quiz, use Interact.

if you want to build quiz from scratch with powerful A/B testing abilities and want one-off pricing, go for Thrivethemes Quiz Builder.


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