Sales Funnels are “the” thing right now. Surely you’ve seen the Facebook ads, the blog posts promos on Facebook groups and more entrepreneurs offering something for free. This is the starting point of a sales funnel and one that every business MUST have in place. Often when I mention Sales Funnel as a concept to entrepreneurs, they freeze and get instant tech overwhelm… and never actually implement a funnel in their business. So I though I better write a post how every entrepreneur can implement a plug-n-play sales funnel the their business with just couple of clicks and tweaks.


Plug-n-Play Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel does not need to be complex with tens of pages, upsells, downsells, mutliple Facebook ads all followed by tens of emails. The most important thing is that you implement a funnel into your business. Just one is enough. And capture emails with that funnel. That is all you must have, rest is optional and good things to have but can be implemented later on.

Depending on the source there are few ways to describe a sales funnel but here is one simple one:

1. Awareness – let them know about you and your business
2. Incentive – offer a bribe in exchange of their email address
3. Lead – connect & communicate with them by perhaps sending them to your Facebook Group.
4. Sale – from lead to a customer.

Example Sales Funnel for an Online Coach:

1. Awareness – Facebook ads, blogging, Facebook Live – anything that gives value.
2. Incentive – checklist, report, book, video mini-course, free call
3. Lead – add to value email sequence, Facebook group, etc.
4. Sale – from lead to a customer.

Click here to watch my video on Youtube talking about Sales Funnel.

I often see that it is not hard to create awareness or create the incentive, but hard part is executing or implementing the funnel with tech. There are so many options to choose from which works against you as tech overwhelm hits and nothing happens. I hear and see posts every day from online entrepreneurs crippled with total overwhelm that stops any kind of progress.

I was there too before and believe me I tried all the tools out there hoping that the new one would be easier to use than the last one. But all this trial actually stopped me going forward with my business and I was suffering total shiny-object-syndrome. Once I realized what was going on I knew I had to stop and pick one and go with it.

Plug-n-Play Sales Funnel

I chose Clickfunnels for my funnels. Why? Because I did not have to start from scracth I could use sales funnel templates from other people to get my funnel up quicker and to get easy-to-follow analytics on how my funnel is doing.

That got me started in the road I am still riding on but with different destination. I started just to get a funnel for my online courses but I ended up becoming a sales funnel consultant for other businesses and a Clickfunnels expert. I know the overwhelm online entpreneurs face every day when they  are starting or growing their business. I totally can relate to it.

So I created a plug-n-play sales funnel template for online coaches to capture leads for their business to grow their business.

I did this so that you can get out of the shiny-object-syndrome and take ACTION!

Here’s the link to the plug-n-play sales funnel:

When you upload a Funnel template to your new account, Clickfunnels guides you all the way through. Using my link, you will also get a FREE TRIAL of Clickfunnels. If you already have an existing account, template will be added to your funnel list once it has been uploaded.

If you are existing WordPress user, check out this blog post how you can connect WordPress and Clickfunnels with few simple steps.

If you would like little bit more help with Clickfunnels and how to do integrations and more, do check out my course on Clickfunnels (course uses the exact same template I just shared with you).

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

  • Wow! You make it sound so much simpler than most. I like that you’ve narrowed it down to 4 basic steps. I can understand that. Thanks for sharing a post that gives me confidence that I can produce a sales funnel that works.

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