You might be wondering what is the Story Pin that everyone seems to be talking about. This post covers all the necessary scoop on story pins and live examples to get your creativity going. But let's cover the basics first...

Story Pin - The Basics

Story pin is a new format Pinterest has been trialing for a while now. This could be a game changer for Pinterest and how content is delivered (and how they want users to behave on the platform).

Story Pin Size

Pinterest recommends a portrait pin with minimum  900×1600 pixels, as well as a max video file size of 10 MBs. 

Story Pin Content

You can add images, text and video to Story Pins. You can either create the pin on Canva or other graphic app or create it on Pinterest. 

Rest is up to your creativity - and feel free to trial new things on these pins. Read on to see Live Story Pin Examples. 

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Should you use Story Pins

Simple, Yes, you should! You have great opportunity to get huge visibility with very little effort!

Story Pins are great for podcasters, eCommerce stores, bloggers, affiliate marketers, course creators, coaches & consultants and more. 

You could consider your Story Pin as a Mini Blog Post and options are really endless here.

Great thing about Story Pins

If you make the effort and publish a Story Pin now, Pinterest rewards you a lovely way! You'll get tons of visibility in MINUTES!

I published a Story pin on my Business account and within a minute, the pin was the first thing I saw on my personal account.

I could see from stats that the Story Pin got over 3K views within one hour of posting it. This is rarely doable with any other type of pin.

It is still early days in terms of what Story Pin does for you in terms of traffic and sales, but it is a great way to widen your audience, build awareness and trust.

Not so Great Thing about Story Pin 

Story Pins does not currently have possibility for a LINK! Aka Pinterest wants users to stay on Pinterest to read your info, not click to leave Pinterest.

This could change later but for now, no link is bit of a bummer.

You can use Story Pin now for brand awareness and build trust so its not all bad news!

Pinterest Story Pin Ideas & Examples

I promised to show some examples to get your creativity going. Below are two of mine and four from others. 

As you can see you can really use Story Pins for all types of content. My story pins promote blog post and a course. 

Click below images to view Story Pin live on Pinterest!

How To Make the Most of Story Pins

Although you can't add a link to Story Pin, that does not mean you can't drive traffic. Provide value on the Story Pin and use the last slide for your CALL TO ACTION.

Yes the URL needs to be typed on the browser by the user but if you offer something really enticing, they'd do the work.

You can use freebies, discounts and others.

I drive all Story Pin Traffic to ninakolari/story, which is easy to type and short. You can also use Bit.Ly or other shortening service, just customize the address, don't use 

Having said that though, Story Pin is all about raising awareness of your product/brand so don't get discourage if you don't get immediate results from your Story Pin. It will pay off later, promise!

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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