What if your eCommerce Store got warm traffic even with ZERO followers

Learn to get evergreen traffic from Pinterest by optimizing your store & products for search.

Most eCommerce store owners out there today understand the importance of putting content out on social media - but there's a huge problem.

The problem is... they are sharing content to an audience who is not in a shopping mentality. They're keeping themselves busy constantly sharing Posts and Stories, yet not actually making any money from doing so.

They do it because everyone else does it too. 

And follow the same steps most "gurus" say to do.

They hustle for hours each day to create Posts, Stories and Live videos in hopes of catching an eyeball or two. And what’s worse, most of these efforts disappear within a few hours.  

So they keep fighting to get seen and compete with millions of other stores. 

They try to increase the number of “followers” in the hopes that one of those followers actually clicks and comes to their website. It’s even harder now because of all the new stores on the market after COVID!

You need to be visible where customers are searching for your products right now. Today!

There is a better, easier and more profitable way to get customers to your store. 

That better way is Pinterest.

All it takes is 1-2 hours per week to do Pinterest marketing effectively. That's it and that’s all. No need to chat, comment or create connections each and every day!

  • no more commenting on other people's IG posts
  • no more mandatory viewing on other people's IG Stories
  • no more posting on Facebook for a second or two of visibility
  • no more follow for follow and unfollow never ending cycle

I’m ready to show you exactly how to put this to work for your business and get results like below!

That's why I'm offering you instant access to my 4-Step Framework & strategy!

Imagine posting a Pin on Pinterest and getting leads from that single post for MONTHS and MONTHS. And these are hot leads already actively looking to find you and your product. 

How would it feel as an eCommerce owner when your online store starts being discovered by those searching for it on Pinterest? These are WARM prospects who were searching for you - providing you with more freedom and income to spend as you wish.

Think about your store would be different if you could:


Reach audiences actively looking for the product you offer and find out exactly what your target audience is searching for.

Know exactly what to pin and when to pin.

increase website visitors

Increase your website visitors, leads and conversions with ease.

Create an organic traffic generator that helps you also rank on Google!

You probably feel like you've tried everything, from posting on Instagram Stories 5 times a day, working with “micro-influencers” and creating even more content to keep algorithms happy.

You may not want to waste any more money on non-effective Facebook ads.

More freedom & time

Maybe you are close to giving up because you are not getting returns for your time and money invested.

Have way more free time and not fight so hard to get leads to your business.

Have your product pins work for you for months and months after pinning it.

There's secret behind successful ecom store owners. The ones that are hitting their monthly income milestones without wasting hours each day on social media that does not work!

This Masterclass has really opened my eyes to the potential of marketing on Pinterest.

I am so excited to get going with it for my products and services.


Happy Customer

My 4-Step Framework Shows you Step-by-Step how to create your custom pins, optimize your account, know the most important keywords and how to maximise your visibility. 

Become the Envy of the Industry By:

  • taking over your niche with simply 1-2 hour a week of work 
  • having clear strategy how you can reach your target audience 
  • creating pins that sell your product without being salesy
  • raising awareness of your brand, increase your leads and conversions

What's Included


Module 1: Pinterest Foundation

This part is the basic settings you should have in place prior starting any marketing activities. This Module is all in writing so you can quickly scan the text and edit your profile where necessary.


Module 2: How to do Keyword Research

Learning how to do keyword research allows you to ignore how many followers you have as people find you by searching.

You'll learn how to do keyword research on Pinterest - both the old and the new way.


Module 3: Pins that Stop the Scroll

The second important part of your work is to have pins that stop the scroll and gets clicked.

You'll learn what type of pins users clicks and what they do not. Plus you'll learn how to create Pinterest pins in minutes!


Module 4: Optimize for First Page

When you understand how Pinterest SEO works and put it into practise, people are able to find YOU when they search. No more engagement, no more chatting, optimization is key to success (and more time for important stuff in life!)


Module 5: Pin to Succeed

Download the checklist and print to keep checking off optimization or keep as a reminder of what needs to be covered.

If you achieve the first 4, you are already ahead of your competition. On page optimization is recommended but can not always be done - although optimizing your page details would help you rank on Google.


You'll also get access to:

Bonus 1
eCommerce Pin Vault

You'll get access to our agencys own eCommerce Vault to get ideas and inspiration for your own pins. (value $297)

Bonus 2
100 Pins on Our Favorite Agency Tool

If you would like to automate your work (and SAVE even more time) I share my favorite tool and give you 100 pin Trial! (value $119.88)

Bonus 3
Avoid the Biggest Mistakes I see Everyday

It is equally important to learn what NOT to do on Pinterest so keep your success consistent. (priceless! :) )

Hi, I'm Nina!

I don't just teach this Pinterest process, I've also achieved superb results for my eCommerce store clients.

I use these exact steps in my Pinterest marketing agency to help clients achieve their lofty sales goals.

I'm not an ex-blogger turned Pinterest marketer. I’m an Online Business & Sales Funnel Strategist, and work each and every day on my business helping others succeed online.

I've helped many of my clients get between 6X to 13X times of their investment back by having me handle their Pinterest marketing! I've worked with clients from different markets and niches and helped them to become the go-to store in their niche. 

I'm a real, no BS, straight to the point kind of person. There is no fluff in my teaching, no need to skip the first 5-10 minutes of a video to learn what it actually teaches!

What makes my teaching different?

I've learned first hand how hard it can be to get visibility online without getting overwhelmed or feeling burned out. 

I spend my days working with clients from dozens of industries and sizes and business models - from eCommerce stores to affiliate marketers to coaches and course creators.

I discovered Pinterest by accident! I started getting traffic from Pinterest without ever doing much there. So I started digging into what this odd looking new social media site was. Well, the rest is history as they say... 

Today I run a Marketing Agency and work every day helping my clients from all over the world get better results online.

I've worked with so many eCommerce Stores that I can almost guarantee you'll get results if you follow the steps!

You're READY for 4-Step Framework If You...

  • love what you do and can't wait to see your business flourish
  • have solid products and a great store set up
  • are tired of hours and hours social media work to get a tiny return on investment
  • have been wondering how others seem to get leads without working for hours per day
  • are ready to try something better!

This is NOT for You If...

  • you don't believe in your product or your business
  • are skeptical about your product
  • are not willing to put in the work
  • just want to make quick short-term bucks
  • you sell products that are readily available anywhere offline or online

Are you ready to start?

The price is right and the time could not be better!


Start Boosting Your Store Website Traffic

The 4-Step Pinterest Framework is ready to get you started down a path of increased visibility, traffic and sales.

If you are like most people, you’ll also enjoy spending time on Pinterest. 

Lock in this great price while you still can. It won't last for long. My friends and associates think I’m almost giving it away, but I want eCommerce owners to discover Pinterest and grow their traffic.  

Are you still trying to decide? 

What’s standing in your way? You’ll never find a course anywhere close to this price from a successful Pinterest marketer.

It offers you a low-cost, no-risk solution to your traffic generation and ultimate sales growth.  

Come on and join me. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

I hope to see you soon. 


I'm not tech savvy, is this for me?

Yes! You'll get step-by-step instructions and watch over my shoulder how to do it.

i sell on shopify / etsy / woocommerce... is this for me?

For sure! Pinterest is one of the largest traffic generators for many ecommerce Sellers. Your store set up does not dictate your success.

What if I need more help with Pinterest?

No problems! I specialize in working with eCommerce Stores and help them get traffic from Pinterest. The team is ready to get things done FOR you. In this case, pop into ProfitablePin.com

What if I decide this isn't for me?

This course is a digital product, no refunds will be offered. If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, please let me know how I can make it better to fit your needs!

What happens next?

Once you hit the RED button below, the next page is the checkout page with an option to purchase my Pinterest eCommerce Templates. They allows you to create hundreds of custom pins in minutes. From there I give you an opportunity to also purchase my eCommerce Conversion Book.

I'd Love to Help You Succeed Online!

Pinterest is truly my bread and butter and I literally Pin for a Living! :)

I work every day with passionate eCommerce Store Owners who want nothing more than getting their products in front of an audience searching for them.

If you read this far I am sure you've heard how powerful Pinterest is - and want the same results for your business as well.

- Nina


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