If you are planning on doing Pinterest ads aka promoted pins, make sure you are using following the correct pin size to maximize your results!

Every day I see businesses wasting money on pins that are the wrong format for Pinterest. 

If you do ads on any other platform, you need to resize your images / videos for promoted pins. See ad examples later in the post to know how avoid most common mistakes

Pinterest Ads Specs to Get results

Here's sizing recommendation both for images and video.


  • Width minimum 600 pixels
  • Ideal aspect Ratio 2 x 3, example 1000 x 1500 pixels
    • having said that do experiment with taller than 2 x 3 ratio with your a/b testing
  • File type: JPG / PNG


  • File type mp4 or .mov
  • Video length between 4 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Size 1:1 (square) or 2:3 (vertical)
    • Ideal aspect ratio same as image*
  • Max file size max 2GB

*As you can see above you can use square ad on Pinterest, even at standard width but I do not recommend standard with as your ad is so small it will disappear very quickly. I'd rather go with vertical video. Sizing differs slightly depending between standards and max width video - see here for exact numbers.

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Avoid These Common Mistakes with your Promoted Ads

Below you see two examples of the most common mistake I see with Pinterest Ads.

Wrong aspect ratio!

Do not think you can use same ad for Facebook and Pinterest. Save your money and spend the extra dollar (or your time) to resize your ad graphics. 

That little ad on the right is swiped up so quickly that you will not get great results. Or you will get much better results when you use the real estate available.

Pinterest is mostly used on mobile aka small screen! On a larger screen horizontal image / video "could" work ok (I still don't recommend it!), but on a mobile it is so tiny!

So save up your money (and make more for that matter) following Pinterest ads specs and using the right size image / video on your next promoted pin campaign.

While you are at it, do make an effort with your image graphics as it is the ONLY thing that will stop browsers eye on your ad. 

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