Need Business Support?


Do you have an offer but it is really not converting at a rate that you are happy with? Let's go over it together and start testing your landing and sales pages.

Ranking On Google

Want to get visibility on Google but don't want to hire a SEO agency? I can help you rank on Google by advicing on what you need to do in order to rank. 

Package Design

Want to create group program, online course, or other type of online service or package? Let's do some research together and find the sweet spot for your business. 

Lead Generation

Do you need more traffic to your business but just don't know how to achive it? I'll work with you to find best way to drive traffic that is sustainabl and profitable.

What's the difference...

the difference between working with a coach and strategist is that I don't just ask questions. 

I advice, support, mentor and focus on you getting the most out of your business. I also do not give "mindset support" per se, but I will bust your procrastination out of the picture. 

Think of me as your business partner without equity!

Why Consulting?

Being in business is bloody hard and sometimes you just need another brain to talk over strategy, sales funnels, conversions, leads to make sure you are heading to the right direction. 

I will tell you my opinion, I advice you getting on getting leads, how to rank on Google, how to increase conversions, how to test your funnels, and how to analyse your traffic and conversions. 

What is it not?

I am not an Online Business Manager who manages tasks, projects and staff.

I am not a coach who only asks questions.

I am not a consultant who offer done for you services.

I am a consultant that offers you a done-with-you-service. I work with you and our aim together is to maximize visibility, leads and conversions for your business.

I only work with a few  VIP clients at a time, and have a few limited spots available.

If you are interested in working with me one-on-one,

please fill in the application form and book a complimentary call with me