Getting Sales Every Day for your online solobusiness has never been easier & profitable

  • Make sales every day with Lead Product
  • Build your email list with buyers, not browsers
  • Warm up your buyers for your high end service, course or program

"Nina  - thank you so much for the amazing session and the ideas and input you suggested regarding the course I am creating. I really appreciate your direct approach and value your extensive experience in this area!"

- Jan T. Business Coach

What's a LEAD PRODUCT and why should you care?

A lead product is a taster of your expertise that you can provide to your ideal clients AND make money doing so. Having a product besides your service is THE WAY out of the hustle cycle. 

Create & Sell Small Digital Product for $

Create a small digital product that brings in sales every day. This becomes your LEAD PRODUCT you sell to everyone. 

Create & Sell Your Upgrade for $$$$

Up-Serve your 1-2-1, course or program to those that already know you and bought from you and your sales calls are a breeze (no sleeze involved!)

Enjoy More Income & Time Off

That's it! With the TWO products your business has ability to thrive. Less is More & Simplicity brings Freedom.

So, the favorite thing I love about being coached by Nina is, is their ability to distill things to the essence, right, the cut right to the heart of the matter. I may have, you know, 10 different things going through my head and she's able to help me. You know, distill them down to two or three. And that's really, really helpful.

- Viswa, Business Coach

How to build a thriving solobusiness online in 3 simple steps?

Make your expertise easily sellable!

When you sell your expertise, you got to price is high to make it worth. So why not offer a piece of it as a small digital product to wider audience and make money at the same time. 

Offer a quick win -> book the clients of your dreams

You'll end up booking your dream clients in no time by offering then a quick win that moves the needle and guess who they contact when they are ready for next? YOU!

Without losing your mind in the process

Get your sanity and time back! No more creating another freebie, webinar or wasting time long sales call with wrong people or worse not have any bookings on your calendar! 

This was exactly what I was looking for! Nina gives clear, useful advice that you can actually use. What's best is that you can take the course and start implementing her tips strait away!

- Andrea M. CEO & Business Owner

Lead product is perfect for you if you want to:
  • Build a thriving email list with buyers
  • Have a digital product that has the ability to bring in daily sales
  • Have a waiting list of people wanting to work with your on your high end offer

You are only one step away from income goals and more freedom and fulfilling solobusiness you dreamed of.

Happy Customers

David M.

Business Owner

It's nice to learn from someone who has actually done what they are teaching.

Andrea M.

CEO & Business owner

This was exactly what I was looking for! Nina gives clear, useful advice that you can actually use. What's best is that you can take the course and start implementing her tips strait away!

Jane R.

Artist & Business owner

This Masterclass has really opened my eyes to the potential of marketing on Pinterest. I have learned so much about Pinterest and how best to utilise it for my business.

Meet your online business coach

You probably just want to work with your clients and not get stopped at tracks with the business side of things. You don't know where you next (or first) client is coming from and you are spinning on your wheels.

Yep, I know how that feels. The good news is that I am here to help you. Consider me as your new Business BFF.

I'm Nina, business mentor, trainer and coach that helps service providers build their dream online businesses by simplifying and streamlining marketing and sales.

If you want to make a big  not only your clients lives & businesses but also your bank account, it is time we chat!