Unlock the true power of ChatGPT with power words. AI can do a lot but the quality of your output is dictated by the quality of your input. Hence words make a huge difference in the quality.

Just like in life the words and terms you use, can literally make or break you, ChatGPT is not different.

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30+ Power Words to Improve Your ChatGPT Prompts


  1. Create
  2. Get
  3. Seek
  4. Make
  5. Generate
  6. Write
  7. Rewrite
  8. Summarize
  9. Convert
  10. Translate
  11. Become
  12. Act as
  13. Suggest
  14. Explain
  15. You are...
  16. Execute
  17. Produce
  18. Debug
  19. Consult
  20. Suggest
  21. Simplify
  22. Shorten
  23. Remove
  24. Lenghten
  25. Compose
  26. Improve
  27. Reduce
  28. Draft
  29. Come up
  30. Curate
  31. Play
  32. Improvise
  33. Plan
  34. Decide
  35. Give
  36. Suggest
  37. Imagine
  38. Budget

There you have it - over 30 very powerful words to include in your next prompt to get most out of ChatGPT.

Do you have a word that is missing from the list? Add it in the comments!

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