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By Nina Kolari

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Life on the road is great, no questions about that, but at times it can also get bit lonely. So what does one do when in need of a new friend? Here’s couple of networking tips Location Independent lifestyle enjoyers.

Location Independent Lifestyle – Networking on the Road

Couchsurfing is great not only for meeting new people, but to keep your travel budget minimal as you can request to surf another members couch for free! I personally have not surfed any couches but have met many who frequently do so. Like with anything in life, just be bit careful before surfing or having a stranger in your couch.

Apart from surfing someones couch, the website is great for networking and meeting like minded people. They have group for pretty much every city and town in the world, so hop on there to find people to mingle with. There are numerous events posted as well or you can set up one yourself.

I spend quite a bit of time in Chiang Mai Thailand and in here there are two weekly meetings – Dinner Tuesday and Social Friday. You can find me there few times a month.


Free options to meet new people and even make lucrative business deals is There are meetups in pretty much every large town or city so sign up and find great events. Over the years I have attended events in Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne and London. There are great business events but also great events for weekends and time off. Sydney and Bangkok, for examples has great walks about the city where you get to see new area of the city. Anyone can start up a new Meetup group so do some searching to find best suited groups for you – or if you can not find it set up one yourself.

Facebook Groups

There are thousands and thousands of Facebook groups from traveling, business and for various location around the world. Doing a quick search will bring up numerous groups and pages that may have suitable events to go to and meet like minded people. I am part of numerous Facebook groups both for business related, travel and local city groups. I used groups to find rental apartments, business connections and tips on what to do in the city. While you are in Facebook, do not forget to like Nomadic Freelancer!

So here were three ways I find networking events and how I meet like minded people. There are of course many forums online where you can find events but so far these three have provided best outcome.

Where and how do you find networking events?


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