How to Live Free Anywhere in the World

One of my secrets for Anywhere Freelancer lifestyle is house sitting. I often get asked about my lifestyle and one of the top question is: How to live free or cheaply around the world?

If you do not know what house sitting is, do not worry as I didn’t either until couple of years ago. House sitting is a service where house sitter lives in a house owners home and takes care of their property and/or animals. It is a free service although I know some house sitters who charge for their services. I do not, because I am ok with just living for free and have an quiet “office space” where to work.

House sitting is great option for location independent entrepreneurs as it offers quiet environment where you can work  and getting new office view every so often. Its particularly great for home owners as they have someone in the house all day long – pets have company and house stays safe.

There are numerous house sitting websites on the internet so choose one that features most opportunities in location you are interested in. I have signed up with three different websites but will not renew subscription for two of the sites as I dislike their search/email functions so I never use the site anyways, plus I find enough suitable opportunities in the one site. It is one of the most expensive sites (annual fee of 70 USD) but it also offers best email updates and search functions. I don’t mind payment the annual fee as I get my investment back with just one house sit I do.

I’ve house sat in Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Finland and looked after many cats and dogs, including ever so adorable Chelsea here below. I house sit mainly for two reasons: I love animals but can not have one due to my nomadic lifestyle and I get to live like a local and get to know local lifestyle. I have taken care of many animals and homes around the world all while sustaining successful online freelancing career. I have soft spot for dogs and cats, and love nothing more than to spend time with furry friends and photograph them (my hobby business). Plus having a dog or cat is the best stress reduction I have ever come across.


house sitting guide

There is a great house sitting guide “Break Free: the Ultimate Guide to Housesitting” that I highly recommend getting! It is a truly comprehensive and practical guide into house sitting. I have it and used it to get started in house sitting. You learn what to write on your profile and on your application plus long list of websites you can sign up for house sitting services.

I use three websites but there is one that has been best by far –

By Nina Kolari

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Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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