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Pinterest is all about visibility and more visibility you get, more clicks you get. So going viral should be your goal for each and every pin you pin. Since I am on Pinterest every and each day and run multiple accounts for myself and for our clients, I though I write up a post how you can go viral on Pinterest and reap the benefits in terms of traffic. 

Tips I give helps your pin getting noticed, repinned thousands of times and clicked even more. 

Size Matters on Pinterest

I see many make the mistake of posting Facebook images directly to Pinterest and it just does not work. Most pinners view Pinterest on their mobile and then size really does matter!

Many ecommerce stores has square images, which is ok, but not great by any means. You can still get noticed with square image but even better if your images is vertical 2:3 - for example 735 x 1102 pixels.

This way your pin takes over the whole real estate on mobile without distracting pins from others. 


Colors Matters as well

I see lot of ligth colored pins these days - they all look like coming from same Canva template. Yes its great to have look that is popular but it is even better to create pin look that stands out in the sea of light colored pins!

The only thing you want is the viewers eye to stop and using color is one of the easiest way to do so. Do consider your brand colors but don't be afraid to go off brand colors if that helps you stand out, and then choose red over blue.

Brand it right

Colors are part of branding and I do recommend sticking with brand colors as best as you can. But do test other colors than brand colors as well. 

If you find that bright red works really well for you even if your brand colors is blue, make sure you brand look still feels on brand even if color does not match. Think fonts, color tones, images, text overlays and even adding a graphical element to tie all pins together. 

Ideally you want viewer to instantly recognize your pin as yours. 

Words Matter

Use words not only on your pin title and description but also on the image! Pinterest does read the image text overlay so keep it keyword heavy!

A/B test what kind of text works best for your followers - what makes them click.

You have couple of seconds to make them stop and click making the text on the pin crucial to your success. Use colors to highlight important words!

Also make the text easy to read! Fancy fonts look great but if one has to stop to actually read it, you've lost the chance.

Rich pins is a must!

Setting up rich pins is a must in order to success on Pinterest. It is super easy to do so there is no excuse not to.

Social Warfare to increase repins

If you have WordPress website then I recommend getting a tool called Social Warfare*. It allows you to dictate which images reader can pin on the page. Plus you can make sure the image has all important keywords and description is place so you'll reap the extra benefits from someone pinning your pin. 

If you have ecommerce store, make sure at least one of your images is the correct Pinterest size - vertical 735 x 1102 pixels. Do add alt text to all images on your ecom site.

If you don't want to use Social Warfare, there are options and at bare minimum add share buttons to all posts.  

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Pins get better with Time and Re-Pins

If you want pin go to viral, you need to work a bit to get it going. Adding it to Pinterest once probably is not going to do it. 

You should have a habit of immediately repinning your new pin to relevant boards on your profile. Better even use Tailwind (get 100 FREE pins with the link)*  to automate the pinning withouth spamming your followers with multiple repins of same image in one go.

Tailwind Tribes & SEO

I often say that number of followers makes no difference to your visibility. You can ignore follower numbers if you focus on keyword optimization and utilize Tribes to your advantage.

Tribe is part of Tailwind and you can join Tribes without having paid Tailwind account. Sign up here and get 100 FREE pins too!*

Don't spam the Tribe with random pins, relevancy is important to get best results!

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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