Website is a lifeline of an online business and one thing that dictates business success is traffic. You could have the best website in the world but if you do not have consistent traffic, you are out of business pretty quickly. On the other hand you could have the ugliest website ever but have lot of traffic and as a result a successful online business. Here’s tips on how to get more website traffic.

How to get more website traffic

How to get more website traffic

There are of course multiple ways to get more traffic to a website but here are few things I have done personally. Of these my main tools are SEO and social (especially Pinterest, read more here)


First we should look at Google as it really can be your best traffic source, especially if you want free traffic. It is not necessarily an easy or quick way to get traffic though. Google is tough on who it lets on the 1st page – and that is where you want to be. Nobody is going to find you from 2 onwards. You can hide your biggest secrets on page 3 on Google as nobody ever goes there.

Reality is that getting on first page on Goole will not happen with keywords like “life coach”, “business coach” or any other general term. You need to look into longtail keywords, like “business coach in tampa”, “sales funnels for online courses” and ever narrower than that. Narrower you go the better leads you also get. Those that search for niche keywords are really looking for a solution.

I use Keywords Everywhere on my Chrome browser to see what kind of terms get searches. I highly recommend it, plus it is a free tool.

There are few blog posts that are on first page: Clickfunnels Alternative and WithCoach Review and more.

Guest Blogging / Podcast Guest

Guest blogging or being a guest in a podcast gives you backlinks – or if it does not, maybe not do it! It is great way to get more visibility for your message.

You can either write a guest blog posts to preferably popular website in your niche. Most website owners are happy to receive submission ideas from fellow bloggers so do some research to find blogs in your niche and pitch your post idea.

If writing is not your thing, podcast could be for great way to get more traffic to your website. Research podcasts in your niche / closely related topics and contact podcast owner and pitch your idea.

Both are great ways to get visibility and traffic to your website as then there are two people promoting one piece.


Social is the obvious option but not always free though, or easy for that matter! Research your options and dig in deep to figure out where you audience hangs out. You do not need to be in all social networks, just one social is totally ok, as long as it is one where your “people” hang out.

My main traffic generator is Pinterest, it is almost at Google’s level. I do use automation tool for Pinterest but so technically it is not a free. You can post to Pinterest absolutely free though, but to maximize the benefit an automation tool is a must.

Fix Your Site

One simple solution could be making your website mobile responsive if it is not that already. Google penalizes non-mobile optimized sites on their ranking. Most use mobile devices to access websites (and to do pretty much everything these days) so you got to make sure you are not losing eyeballs because of your mobile website.

Same goes for speed – use this free tool to check your site speed. If you get bad result, you’ll see list of suggestions you can do to your website to speed it up. One big issues with many websites is large image files. Use image compression tool to reduce size of your images – this alone helps, and then check Google’s recommendations.


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Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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