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It is no secret that affiliate links play a quiet a big role in my business. I mean you saw my affiliate disclaimer before you read this!

I totally love affiliate marketing as it is truly evergreen, passive, make money in your sleep type of income.

I started with affiliate marketing years ago after wanting to have multiple income streams. And I don't think there is easier or better way to supplement income. 

Here's what I do and what I recommend you do as well:


Rank on the world's largest visual search engine and see you organic traffic go through the roof like my eCommerce client who got 3000 visitors organically.

How to use affiliate marketing to boost your income

Most of my affiliate income comes from blog posts or recommendation pages like this tool resources page.

If you are a business owner like me, you could simply create similar page and recommend products / apps you use on your business.

If you are not a business owner, then you have couple of options.

1. You could recommend products you love on social media
2. Start a blog and write blog posts about your favorite products 

Read how to set up your blog in under 1 hour: How to Make Money Blogging (even as a newbie!)

Both above mentioned ways work nicely - even for a newbie. 

Having said that the first is not as passive as blog can be. You'd have to keep posting on social media to get visibility. Blog on the other hand can bring consistent income. 

Traffic = Affiliate income

I have multiple blogs which all I aim to rank on Google. Reason why I focus on Google rather than Facebook or Instagram is that traffic from Google is passive traffic. 

Once you rank a page on Google, you'll stay there if you stay in good terms with Google. 

This means, I write a blog posts once and it brings me consistently new affiliate commissions.

Sweet, heh?

I've written posts solely money making in mind but I only write about products that I use and love. 

Now all affiliate programs are equal

When I choose an affiliate program to join I will review few things:

  • is the commission one off or monthly
  • how long is the cookie period
  • commission percentage
  • popularity of the program / product

I normally sign up only with products that offer monthly ongoing commissions. For the same amount of work I can make more money with monthly subscription than a one off purchase.

I also look for programs that offer at least 30% commission on each sale to make it worthwhile for me to do the work.

Amazon is probably most known affiliate program but it is not that great for an affiliate. Sure you can make money from Amazon but you need huge volume of traffic. Mere 4% commission (24 hour cookie period) won't take you on a dream holiday anytime soon.

I recently left one affiliate program because I received horrendous service from them. Although I made nice income from it, but I just can not refer anyone to them anymore after my experience. So at time you just have to walk away - honesty is best policy as a affiliate marketed.

Lastly I often don't sign up with the most popular programs that everyone and their grandma is promoting. There is much bigger competition for the big products so I aim for mid range or up and coming products/companies.

It is easier to rank on a blog post for mid range / new company than established large company. 

I have one app that I use in my business free for life as I've brought them so many customers!

Want to earn some extra income too?

Here's what I recommend you do:

  1. Start a blog on a topic that suits well with affiliate marketing.
  2. Think about products / companies that you love and check if they have an affiliate / partnership programs.
  3. Did you take an online course recently? Many course creators offer an affiliate program for their students. 
  4. Check for products that you could promote.
  5. Write about your experience with your chosen product / company and add links for reader to click. It is important that you only promote products that you genuinely love and use!
  6. Do keyword research on Google to find best keyword to rank for. Go for long tail keyword as you'll rank quicker thank main keyword.
  7. Share your post on Pinterest (another awesome, passive traffic search engine).
  8. Wait for the email "You've earned a commission".

Now leave a comment below and tell me: what would you do with extra $200 / month income?

Look forward hearing your plans!


Rank on the world's largest visual search engine and see you organic traffic go through the roof like my eCommerce client who got 3000 visitors organically.

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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