So you want a Sales Funnel Tool and currently considering Clickfunnels and GrooveFunnels but just don't know which one should you go for... This Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels helps you decide which one to use to build your funnels.

I've used sales funnels tools over a decade and tried them ALL - honestly all of them! They all have something good, something not so good so I do recommend always testing and trialing yourself to know which one works for you. I make passive income as an affiliate and this post has affiliate links. 

Just a heads up Groovefunnels is currently FREE to sign up - I highly recommend signing up for a FREE account in case you go with Clickfunnels now, but get second thoughts later - then you have your account for free 🙂

Ok, but let's compare the two.

GrooveFunnels versus Clickfunnels - Which one Wins?

Let's start with features as that is the most important thing about funnels, just before pricing. 

GrooveFunnels Features

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one marketing suite. This is great if you want all your egg in one basket and smoothly working together. Great for Beginner / New Business Owner - trust me on this one!

Mike Filsaime is behind GrooveFunnels and he has years of online business and sales funnel experience. He knows this space like his own pockets. 

What you can do with GrooveFunnels? 

  • Build sales pages
  • Build landing pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Video hosting
  • Host Webinars
  • Checkout aka sell your products
  • Suitable for Ecom!
  • Host membership sites
  • and so much more!

GrooveFunnels has over 15 apps that integrate with each other beautifully! As handy Zapier is, building & maintaining zaps gets old quite quickly... 

Biggest Drawbacks

  • Still in Beta which means occasional bugs here and there
  • You have all eggs in one basket (this is both good and bad)
  • Some features launching July 2020 so need to wait few weeks to start using

Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel tool that helps you market and sell your products. Since its been on the market for years, it is ahead of its competitors in few things.

What can you do with Clickfunnels?

  • Build sales pages
  • Build landing pages
  • Email Marketing (only at $297 / month though!)
  • Host autowebinars 
  • Checkout aka sell your products
  • Host membership sites

Biggest Drawbacks

  • No Undo button (seriously its 2020 and no undo!?)
  • No direct PayPal integrations (seriously its 2020 and PayPal)
  • Feels like massive Multi-Level-Marketing event
  • Limited to only sales funnels, you need external services to make all work

Clickfunnels vs GrooveFunnels - Pricing

Second most important part of sales funnel tool - the price!

So this is really a no brainer since one is FREE, other is $97 / month or should really compare with $297 / month level.

Free GrooveFunnels account currently gives you access to GrooveFunnels and GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, additional features comes with pro plans or with GrooveFunnel Lifetime Deal.

So Which One Should You Sign Up With?

I highly recommend signing up with GrooveFunnels NOW EVEN if you have no plans using it for now. 

It is free to sign up and later when you are ready to hop onboard you have a free account to use - and most likely a sweet deal to upgrade. Business like to offer nice discounts to current customers!

If I was starting now, I would give GrooveFunnels a go. Yes it is in Beta but I have a feeling my lifetime payment would pay me off really nicely in the future. 

Some of my beta-purchases have not been very successful but its been a rare occasion when that has happened.

Still not sure...

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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