One of the most important elements of a successful landing/sales page is copywriting. And as an online entrepreneur you will most likely have multiple landing/sales pages trying to entice prospect to convent into a lead and eventually a buyer. Text you have on the that page, dictates the action your prospect takes – sign up/buy or leave. As copy is so important, and hiring a copywriter so expensive, I personally had to come up another way to get high quality and high converting copy for all my landing/sales pages. I use this tool all the time so here is my Funnel Scripts Review.

Importance of a high converting copy:

  1. Great copy separates your brand and your products/services from competitors. You want to be the big fish in a small pond, not small fish in a big pond. Copy creates your story that is compelling to your target audience.
  2. Measurable results ie. ca-ching.  Copy dictates how much money lands on your bank account. If your copy does not work -> no money. If it does work -> ca-ching. Simple and easy to measure. Measuring your sales page effectiveness is crucial, make sure your sales funnel builder has powerful analytics and A/B testing (I personally use Clickfunnels)
  3. A great copy converts. It converts browsers into leads and leads into buyers. No graphic can ever do as much as copy can.

Copy is crucial part of selling online and if you are not copywriter by trade (or have big budget available), the next best thing is to invest into copy software that helps you get results.

Funnel Scripts Review

This is tool that I have used multiple times in my business. It makes my life so much easier and helps tremendously with my bank account too!

What is FunnelScripts?

Funnelscripts is a copywriting software that helps you get high converting copy without hiring a copywriter. It can help you with following:

  • landing page
  • webinar slides
  • sales page
  • email sequence scripts
  • viral headlines
  • Facebook ad copy
  • CTA
  • Video sales letter
  • and much more.

As you can see Funnelscripts can do a lot for you. Why should you look into it then?

Pros of Funnelscripts

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Helps you define your core message/pitch
  • Saves time and money
  • Editable scripts
  • Training videos if you get stuck and live monthly training


  • Bit of fine tuning may be necessary to match it perfectly to your niche

funnel scripts reviewHow Funnelscripts Work

To start with, it is super easy to use! It may just be the easiest online business tool out there – and most profitable for you.

It is a web based software where you answer series of questions and click submit and you’ll end up high converting copy. You can then edit the copy if necessary or just upload to your website.

If you have ever written copy for your website, you already know it takes for ever! It also takes quite long time if you decide to hire a copywriter (not to mention big bucks!).

With Funnelscripts you save not just money but lot of time. It will also makes you really think about your core offer and make it laser focussed.

There are extensive training videos available if you get caught at any point.

Extra Resources

On top of everything else you also get fantastic copy tool, you can download following script wizard software designed to help you create copy for webinars, surveys, VSL and storytelling scripts! This is priceless.

funnel scripts review

Funnelscripts Investment

You can get all of Funnel Scripts features and bonuses for a steal of a price at $497 annually. Imagine that! It will only cost you a little over $40 a month and you get unlimited access to Funnel Scripts wide selection of script writers.

Funnel Script Review Conclusion

Funnel Scripts is a perfect tool for online entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, business owners – if you sell anything online, Funnel Scripts should be your go-to-tool!

It is easy to use tool that produces results that have direct impact on your bottom line (ie. bank account!)

To me, investing into Funnel Scripts is really a no-brainer. It helps me sell more of my products

A must tool for online hustlers. So if your sales are not at a level you want, reason is probably in your copy. Change it now and sign up with FunnelScripts now.

*Disclaimer: I am FunnelScripts Affiliate Partner and a user – I only review products that I’ve tested and tried myself.*

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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