What if there was a proven method you could follow to grow your business without the overwhelm? You might think that it can not be done. Evergreen traffic does not exist...

All you hear from gurus out there that you need to constantly active on your own and other peoples Facebook groups, do Facebook Live's every few days, update Instagram five times a day just to keep your head over the water and not be "forgotten" and disappear from the feeds. 

You know just hustle more to get traction.

Doing more = Better results?

In a way it is true because on Facebook (and Instagram) you must be there all the time or otherwise your FB page will be forgotten by likers. The recent algorithm change means that your posts are not on newsfeed anymore. I mean your business is gone unless you pay to advertize your post. 

Facebook Groups are bit better as those still do show up on newsfeed but managing a big group is a huge and time consuming job, even if your VA is doing it cause you kinda have to be visible there (your competitors are).

Same with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social platforms.

It is really tiring as you can't slip once or your ranks go down.

That is what I have about most social media platforms! It takes so much energy to be visible all the time and try to compete with thousands of others trying to capture random browsers into subscribers and then buyers.

Not to mention how much time it takes, because who goes to Facebook and not read the newsfeed... couple hours disappears before you even know it!

I burned out doing it and by each day hated doing it more and more. The time spent on these platforms was not bringing qualified leads to my business or the massive amount of work necessary to get leads was not doing me any favours.

You'll kill your business!

Everyone is telling you to be visible on social platform to "make big" and you just need to do to survive in the stiff competition. Many told me that I would literally kill my business if I stop posting on Facebook or other social channels.

I did it anyway. I stopped posting on FB and Instagram. Nowadays I post occasionally. I practically disappeard from these platforms. I still have FB groups but I am not actively growing them anymore. 

What happened?

I got my life back! More freedom, more time with friends and family, better leads, enjoyed work again and more. I did 360 in every way in my business and life.

I did not stop marketing though! I just drastically changed my growth hacking strategy to a sustainable one.

So what did I do....

What I did Instead

I focused 100% efforts into high quality and qualified traffic that is set it and forget it type of traffic.

There had to be way to get traffic without endless visibility marathon on Facebook or paying for high priced ads to get a millisecond of visibility.

Turns out that here is, but nobody is talking about!

When I did reseach into my biggest competitors I was shocked that they did not do any of it, they relied completely on social media (Facebook) for their leads.

I could not believe it. They hustle day and night for their leads and are non existent in Google.

Win for me!

Nowadays I literally once create a piece of content and I get thousands visitors every month.


No need for Facebook Lives, endless Instagram posting, Twitter chats and all...

In below image you can see my website stats. Majority of my traffic comes from Google. There is another big generator, Pinterest

75% of my website traffic comes from using following strategy:

I create a single piece of content once and forget it. 

No endless posting to Facebook business page or adding Instagram pictures or stories, finding Promo Treads on Facebook groups, paying for high priced social media spinning apps, no chatting in FB groups in hopes of converting, no Facebook ads... nothing!

And that is not even the best part!

The best part is that this traffic is highly targeted and "I need solution to my problem right now" type of traffic that converts way better than any social post does.

Leads that land on my site are actively looking for a solution to their problem.

I have sold online courses, ebooks and high end consultations using this method. It works regardless of your product or service. 

Want to know how my Set it and Forget it Method works? 

Hell yeah, I bet!

Just ADD YOUR WORK EMAIL AND CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON and I'll email the strategy I use in my business.

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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