How about adding a digital product to your service based business and make passive income that brings more freedom, more time with family and do more of what you love -> working 1-2-1 with clients!

It is no secret that I love digital products and what they allow service based business owners do.

I build my first product in 2014 after numerous people asked me the same question over and over again. Since the first online course, I've served thousands and thousands of customer all over the world with courses, templates, masterclasses, workbooks, books etc. 

Let's look at options you could do to add extra revenue stream to your business - best part is that all can be done in a weekend!

8 Best digital products for service based businesses

Let's go straight to the point and list the first one (and my favorite!)

1. Online Workshop / Masterclass

Workshop is a webinar or an online course but a bit of mix of the two. Workshop should be max 1.5 h long and a single recording. 

Workshops are generally low in price but high in value.  A paid masterclass  must be transformational from the get go and not be a pitch fest (like webinars are).

Your workshop should answer the first / biggest problem your ideal clients has. 

What can you talk for about an hour without much preparation?

That's what you should create workshop around. 

2. Journal / Planner / Printable

My all time favorite digital product not just to create but as a product to sell! I even turned my journal into a secondary product -> a journal template for coaches. 

This is particularly effective for coaches and consultants but a social media manager could or an accountant could come up with a planner that works for their clients. 

3. Mini-Course

A bit similar to workshop but can be a mix of video, worksheets etc. but can be delivered within certain time frame - for example a week. 

Ideal for those that are wanting to create a full fledged online course but find it too overwhelming to create. 

4. Workbook

For buyers workbooks are seen as powerful, transformational products that bring value to the user. For seller workbooks are great way to package your expertize into a small package and sell for passive income. 

Workbook is way faster to create than a book and can provide results to the user. 

5. Tutorial

What is an activity or process that your ideal client would want you to walk them through?

Think step-by-step videos or written instructions that outline how to do something.

6. Ebook

A book sounds pretty daunting and overwhelming but an ebook not so much!

Amazon has hundreds of thousands of ebooks that are under 50 pages (and that is Kindle pages, not Word pages). You can easily create an ebook during a weekend. 

Just like any other type of product, ebook should provide something valuable to the reader and not be purely informational. 

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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