blog-Camp-review4Chiang Mai got its newest co-working space few weeks ago when the new shopping center Maya opened in west side of the city in trendy Nimman area. Camp is the new coworking space in Chaing Mai both for locals and expats alike.

 Camp is a co-working space and a café where both locals and expats hang out and get work done. There are always many students studying there, as well as many digital nomads working on their projects and blogs. For the price of cup of coffee or any other beverage, you get two hours of free internet. Drinks and food are moderately priced; large coffee frappe for example is 55 BHT and can of Sprite 20 BHT.

At Camp they have different type of tables and areas where you can work. You can choose regular table and chairs, or go for high table and stand while working (very good for you and your health by the way!), or choose to sit a bean bag or any other table/chair combinations available.

They offer high speed reliable wi-fi for two hours for all customers who purchase a beverage. If you do not need internet you can work for free. I was able to log in to wi-fi easily without any issues and found internet to be fast and reliable most of the times. I have not heard any down serious time happening since opening.

Lighting is good in the area as there is plenty of natural light coming in from the large windows yet you don’t suffer from direct sunlight to your laptop screen. Some areas are tad bit on the dark side but generally lighting is good.

Staff is friendly and really helpful. I’ve heard that at some point in the future Camp will be open 24/7 but could not confirm when, if ever, it will happen.

I’ve been working from Camp for few days now and overall it has been good experience. Coffee has been good which is pretty bid deal for me, and I’ve always gotten the table I wanted – but then again I’m there early. In the beginning Camp was very noisy as they kept the door to the movie theater open but have since decide to keep front doors always closed – smart move! Added bonus is pretty awesome view towards Doi Suthep from Maya’s terrace.

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Location: Maya Shopping Centre in the corner of Nimmanahaeminda and Huay Kaew Road.

Opening Hours: open 24/7.

Cost: moderately prices coffee and beverages starting from 20 BHT for a can of coke.

Internet: high speed and reliable wi-fi. I’ve never had any problems either logging in or using the wi-fi although at times it can be bit on the slow side.

Plug: plenty available on the table, floors and walls.

Noise level: high at times – don’t forget noise cancelling earphones and your best work tunes.

Tip: be there early as Camp fills up quickly!

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

  • I love CAMP! One of my favourite places to work.

    Gets really packed though when the students have exams!

    Have you ever checked out Co-Working cafe along the Ping River?

  • I love CAMP One of my favourite places to work.
    camp is very nice and beautyfull

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