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Convertri Review

When it comes to selling online, funnels are a crucial part of the equation. When you decide that your business needs funnels, the next hurdle is to choose your funnel provider. For many business owners, the choice is Convertri. To make your decision easier this post is a Convertri Review to assist you making the decision. Read what I liked and if I found something I did not like.

Convertri Review

UK based start-up Convertri is lead by Andy Fletcher. Their slogan is “Faster Funnels, Higher Conversions”. Over 2,500 business owners chose Converti as their sales funnel software and I don’t blame them – I am one of them too!

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Convertri’s highlights are: speed, price, as well as being an all-in-one solution.

The landing page is dead.  Long live the sales funnel.

Building funnels with Convertri is super easy even if you are not super confident with computers. It is literally drop-and-drag builder that anyone can use.

On top of easy builder, you can also get everything you need with their service – landing pages, sales pages, OTO’s, checkouts, upsells… you can run your complete business within Convertri.

Convertri Review Highlights

There are few things that Convertri just does better than its competitors. Here are few reasons why you should seriously consider Convertri if you sell online.


This is a big one and Convertri wins this by a mile, or multiple seconds. Converti landing pages are lightning fast and win competitors by more than 3 seconds when tested same page built on Clickfunnels and Convertri.

Speed is key to conversion. People leave the page if it has not loaded within 4 seconds so if your page takes longer you’ll lose a sale.

Convertri claims to get 25% better conversions that its competitors and I bet majority of this is because of the speed. You might think that 4 seconds is nothing to worry about but if you do split testing, you will quickly see huge difference in conversions – and in your bank account.

Funnel Planner

Convertri has an interesting “funnel planner” which is great visual tool to use to design your complete funnel. This allows you to stop using whiteboards to draw up your funnel – just do it directly on the platform and move parts around freely. This is really powerful. Their pages builder is also free form editor allowing you to design the pages as you like.

Undo Button

One of the most annoying thing about many funnel builders is lack of Undo button. This may sound like nothing to worry about, but believe me, you’ll start missing this functionality very quickly. UNDO functionality is a must! I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally deleted a section on Clickfunnels and only way to get it back is to build it again from scratch. So frustrating! (And if you ask me, big enough reason to move to Convertri!)

It’s always the little things.

Advanced Drag-and-drop Funnel Builder

Convertri’s interface is really easy to learn and you really do not have to be a geek to figure it out. It is simple and straightforward, and if you get stuck at any point, there are plenty of how-to-videos available on Convertri support pages.

Mobile Optimization

If your audience uses mobiles to check out your website (that is the case for pretty much anyone who sells online), your website/landing pages must be optimized for mobile screens. This is where many go so wrong, and get penalized by Google <- yes this happens all the time. If you see your website disappear or loose ranking on Google, mobile could be the reason.


Convertri is feature rich funnel builder.

convertri review features

convertri review features


If you are interested in Convertri, ACT NOW! Convertri is currently promoting seriously awesome annual offer where you get it for $297 for the first year! Compared to Clickfunnels for example, you’ll save $867, that you can use for Facebook marketing for example.

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Final Thoughts


If you are wondering where are the things that I did not like about Convertri, you will be happy to hear that I did not find any! Yep, that is pretty awesome as I rarely find a tool that I like this much. Clickfunnels for example is great example, as much as I like it (and still use it), I really dislike that they do not have UNDO feature – this is a big issue.

*I only write about tools and strategies that I use in my business. This blog posts has affiliate links and I may earn a commission should you take up on my offer and use the mentioned services. You still pay the same amount and these commissions keeps my business going and these blog posts written.*

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