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Email automation is a must no matter what kind of business or website you have. Money is in the list and passive income is the email automation. One of the most used email service providers is ConvertKit. In this ConvertKit review I will cover pricing, features and how it compares to other email service providers.

Investing in an email service provider (ESP) should be first on the list when you start your business, or for sure when you want to grow and scale your business.

I will also compare ConvertKit with many popular ESP's like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. 

Blog post UPDATED June 2020 with new FREE pricing plan for new accounts.

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit was founded by Nathan Berry, an avid blogger, who realized that market needed a better ESP than what was available. 

ConvertKit is suitable as an Email Service Provider for bloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs and basically anyone who wants to collect leads and send emails out (and who does not want that?).

ConvertKit Highlights

One of the best things about ConvertKit is this: it is super simple to use!

Many ESP's are notoriously hard to figure out and complex. I am sure you have read how horrible Infusionsoft is to set up and it's expensive.

ConvertKit is totally opposite, where you can literally get started in couple of clicks. 

It took me under an hour to set up my account with ConvertKit and start collecting leads. It is a really great tool for those who are new to email marketing as it is so simple to learn and start.

That does not mean it is not good for those who are experienced with email marketing. In fact you will probably love the ease of managing your emails.

ConvertKit also has direct integrations with many of my other favorite tools like Teachable.

There's nothing worse than having to use Zapier to connect your each and every service... Trust me on this one!

ConvertKit Features

I'll cover the main features you will need in email marketing and what ConvertKit offers.

Form and Landing Page Templates

ConvertKit comes with a form and landing page builder, which is great. Both are really easy to use but lack a little on the customization side. You can set these up in under 10 minutes and start collecting emails. 

Lack of templates and designs may put you off ConvertKit at first but it is really built for conversion. Pretty does not deliver conversions, simple does. And this is where ConvertKit shines.

And to be honest, less is more anyway. The less options you have, the quicker you make your decision... All templates are proven to work and I bet you've seen the above templates while browsing online.

You do not have to use the templates; you can build your own. I use both ConvertKit templates and ThriveLeads templates that I connect with ConvertKit.

If you know a bit of coding the sky is the limit. You can build the exact look you want. Or hire a coder to do it for you. But don't hang on to the design step too much! Any kind of form is better than no form at all.

Same goes for landing page!

Email Automation

This is where the "money" is. No matter what your business is, automation is the key to your success.

Again ConvertKit makes this super simple process where you can set it up within an hour!

You can set up the time for sending emails (you can exclude days of the week if you wish), add filters to messages and, of course, create an email as you like.

Note though, ConvertKit may not be the best option if your emails are image heavy. Or if you want to focus on design.

ConvertKit is great if you want your emails delivered!

Emails with images may go into promotions folder on Gmail and nobody wants to be in the promotions folder...

Email Broadcasts

Email broadcasts are one-off emails you send to your list/subscribers. You can send emails to everyone on your list or set-up a segment of your list.

Just like anything else on ConvertKit, email broadcasts are really simple to set up and get ready for sending out.

You can monitor open rates, click rate, unsubscribes and re-send messages to those that have not opened the email yet. 

Automation Rules

Here's another place where the money is: automation is key to making money passively.

On ConvertKit you can create automation rules that trigger actions. If-this-then-that is the logic behind automations.

I highly recommend investing time into automating your lead gen and sales. The time you spend honing your automations will grow your bank account.

Automation rule examples:

Subscriber clicks a specific link on your website - Convertkit sends out the email set or they are added to another sequence.

If someone purchases your course from your website (they land on the thank you page), you can add that person into a sequence that is meant for buyers and remove them from prospects list.

Value for Money

If you want highly effective yet easy to use email service provider, ConvertKit is way to go!

Money is in the list and the longer you fight with complex ESP's, the longer you have to wait before you start earning.

I see many business owners get stuck with other ESP's huge template libraries, complex interfaces and automation rules and never actually get to the point where emails are sent out.

Don't make this mistake, take action today!

ConvertKit pricing is based on number of subscribers:

1,000 subscribers costs $29 per month, or $0.029 per subscriber per month
5,000 subscribers costs $79 per month, or $0.016 per subscriber per month
95,000 subscribers costs $619 per month, or $0.006 per subscriber per month

At first you may hesitate spending $29 but if you set up your account today, add forms to your website, and add email sequence to ConvertKit, I can almost guarantee that you'll make that back (and more) by the end of the month.

ConvertKit vs Other ESP's

I have tried all other ESP's out there. I started with Mailchimp and then moved to ActiveCampaign. ConvertKit was already around then but I did not choose it because of price... stupid mistake!!

I chose ActiveCampaign because of the price. I lost so much money because learning ActiveCampaign requires quite a bit of a learning curve. It was just too complex and flashy for my needs. ActiveCampaign has great sounding features which I never used because I did not need them at that stage. 

Especially in the beginning, simpler the better!!

ConvertKit Review Final Words

So does it live up the the hype?

You bet!

I highly recommend ConvertKit for anyone who wants to grow their email list and send out emails. It is so simple to use and you can get started in matter of hours.

Their support is great too if you get stuck using ConverKit.

Disclaimer: I am affiliate for ConvertKit and links in this page are affiliate links.
As an affiliate I can often offer extra bonuses when you sign up using one of the links on my site.

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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