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By Nina Kolari

convertkit free trial

Disclaimer: I am Convertkit Partner and Affiliate and because of that I am able to extend this Converkit Free trial to you.

If you have ever checked out Convertkit, you must know that Convertkit do not offer free trials… until now! For one week you can sign up with Convertkit and get your first month FREE!

convertkit free trial

Convertkit Free Trial – why now?

Well because it is Christmas in July! 

Why Email Marketing?

No matter what industry you’re in or topic you’ve niched-down to, we all have the same main goal – to grow our online businesses. And whether you’re running a business full time or working on your side hustle, most of the income comes from a list – the warm audience.

With all the marketing possibilities available, I still think email proves to be one of the best ways to build an raving fans, make sales and serve your tribe. Did you know that there are 4.3 billion email accounts that send 196 billion emails every single day? And according to McKinsey and Company, email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter.  First being now pay-to-view platform and well Twitters billions of messages, yours could just end up lost in the sea.

Now I know email marketing can sound complicated and intimidating when you’re used to a specific tool or when you’re just getting started. So in case you’re feeling the fear, I wanted to tell you about the tool that is awesome way to grow and nurture your email list –> ConvertKit.

ConvertKit makes email marketing easy with their drag and drop sequences, customizable opt-in forms, and simple but powerful automations. And now, they’ve even made it easy to try them out for yourself!

I’m partnering with ConvertKit for their Christmas in July special to give you your first 30-days with ConvertKit for FREE! Who doesn’t like gifts in July?!

ConvertKit doesn’t usually offer free trials, so this is an exciting, limited time deal.

This opportunity expires on Monday, July 31st.

Click here now and get started growing your tribe.


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