Get Paying Coaching Clients and make a Big Impact in their Transformation Journey

Get your next coaching clients with my laser focussed 12-week coaching/consulting program.

You got the skills, experience, took courses and heck even a coaching certificate, but you are not getting clients...

You want to get your message out there to help people

But are just overwhelmed with choices, options and opportunities, and spend days in busy work doing bit of everything but getting nowhere. 

You are thinking about buying another course

That might be "it" to help you market your business but that is really just procrastination and fear playing on you. You already have ALL that is required and need action.

You may be stuck in freebie mode

You'll provide so much free stuff (PDFs, webinars, tips...) thinking that people won't pay for your services so you end up create (yet) another freebie/challenge/workshop....

You want to serve people and get people into your coaching program without the overwhelm business brings in the equation.

What if the overwhelm stopped and guess work went out of the window - and you started getting paid to help people?


Might sound too good to be true as that's what you've tried for a while now.... but I have good news for you!

Here's the thing about selling coaching programs online...

People do not need more information! We are bombarded with message, information, videos on any subject on the planet. 

We have Google for information.

People do not want another online course that collects dust in their digital storage... 

Most people never even get past first module of a course! How many courses have you bought vs finished?

People want TRANSFORMATION and 1-2-1 time, listening ear, guidance and a space reserved just for them and their thoughts. 

Exactly what coaching offers!

There are people out there looking for you and your coaching services right now!

The Online Coach Signature Program Formula

Do you know what all the successful coaches/consultant have in common?


Meaning they focus on ONE social media platform, they drive all leads to ONE lead gen offer, they have ONE funnel, they offer ONE product per funnel.

They focus and perfect ONE thing.

That is what we'll build together for you.

Step 1.

What you want out of your business.

It all starts with you and what kind of business you want to create. What is the topic you could talk for hours and hours and can't wait to learn more about?

Step 2.

Who you Help and with What

This is the cornerstone of your business. Get clear on who your ideal clients is and what is their biggest pain point they can't wait to fix. Right now. Once we nail this, marketing becomes so easy!

Step 3.

Messaging and ONE marketing platform

Hone in your messaging and sales process to match your ideal client and the solution you can provide for them. When you choose the right program (aka solution) and match that with messaging on the right platform - the world is your oyster!

Step 4.

Build ONE Lead Product & ONE Main Product

We'll build you a lead produc that makes you money from the get go and funds your lead generation efforts, and then build your main product that blows out your bank account.

Step 5.

ONE Sales Funnel that Drives People To Your Offer

We'll build you ONE funnel that we perfect to the tee. You'll build it and you'll learn how to manage it with ease! You'll know exactly what to do and when.

Selling coaching becomes easy once you nail a few things:

ideal client + their biggest problem + ONE thing

You'll spend less time marketing & selling, and more time doing what you love aka helping people!

You'll get access to:

3-Months of Suppport

Once you sign up you'll have full access for the duration of the coaching package. 

Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls

We'll chat on a bi-weekly basis to keep the momentum going an tackle any issues that comes along.

Marketing & Sales 

You'll have full access to my marketing and sales experience. I'll review your landing page, questionnaire and anything else you need second pair of eyes on .

This is NOT another online course that leaves you more questions and than asnwers...

This is a coaching/consulting/accountability blended into one helluva 12-week program.

"Focusing on ONE thing transformed my businesses - and that's what it will do it for you too"

Hi, I'm Nina, nice to virtually meet you!

I'm your Coaching Business BFF for the next 12-weeks.

I'll be your shoulder, ear, second opinion on anything and everything about you and your coaching business success. 

Let's chat to see if I am the right partner to build your dream business.

Still wondering about something...?

When does the progam start?

Next cohort starts in 6th December 2021 and runs 12-weeks (excluding Christmas week!)

What times are our calls?

I am based in Portugal and have our calls between 9am-6pm aka European business time. You can book suitable time from my calendar once you start.

Do I get 1-2-1 access to Nina?

Yes, yes and yes! You'll get my full attention on you and your business! Consider me as your BFF for the next 12-weeks. 

Can I really get clients with this program?

Yes, it is totally possible. The only thing I ask is that you are open to learn and work to find your perfect niche and program.

I don't have a website, is that a problem?

No, but would help a lot. It is important that you treat your coaching business a business and having domain, a website and business email are important.

Will this work for me?

Are you willing to work on you and your business with full focus for the next 12-weeks?

I can't guarantee results, nobody can, but I can guarantee you'll walk out of this program different you came in.