One of the most effective marketing tools is a webinar. A webinar allows your prospects to get to know you in a more intimate level than with a simple PDF freebie. To get most out of webinars I highly recommend automating your webinars. This allows you to have people in your funnel all the time, rather than when ever you have time to do a webinar. Clickfunnels automated webinar is a great place to start hosting automated webinars and as a bonus you have great drag-n-drop funnel tool in use as well.

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If you use my template as a starting point, you can literally start selling in under 30 minutes. Check your archieves for suitable video, set up your pages and you are ready to go live.





Clickfunnels Automated Webinar

When you decide to implement autowebinars to your digital marketing efforts, I listed five best practices when using automated webinars. Plus I added a free template for Clickfunnels that allows you to start hosting your webinars in 10 minutes.

Record the Webinar

I know lot of people recommend doing a live webinar and recording it and then using it as an autowebinar. Yes it is good to do live webinar as well but I do recommend recording autowebinar from scratch.

Why so?

Webinar is highly effective marketing tool and it should be as “perfect” as possible. With perfect I dont mean that there are no mishaps at all but that all sales elements are at the right spots. We tend to forget things when doing live webinars but when you record the webinar in advance you can be sure you have all elements in place.

Neutral webinar

When doing a autowebinar it is important that you do not use phrases like good morning, good Monday and so on. Viewer could be watching in different time zone and on a different day.

Same goes for do not say this is a live webinar! You may get caught on this and you’ll lose your prospect in an instant.

Q & A

Even if you are doing a autowebinar, you should cover Q&A’s at the end. Just be mindful that you mention that you dont have time to answer all questions but that you’ll get back to everyone (you can contact those with direct email). What you should cover here are the most common questions you get from your ideal clients as well as common objections you get from non-buyers.


The whole point of the webinar is to sell. So with automated webinar this will be a breeze. Since you record the webinar in advance you can perfect (and adjust) your pitch as you get more feedback or data.

Once you have prospect “on the call” you need to use this opportunity to sell them something right away.

There is no one size fit all sales approach and I highly recommend testing and analyzing your sales pitch. See next step to encourage viewers to take action now.

Reward Action Takers

Expiring bonuses are great way to encourage people to take action. When someone has stayed to the end of your webinar they are really keen on what you offer. Make sure they take action right there and then.

You can use tools like Deadline Funnel or timer on Clickfunnels.

Add really compelling bonuses for those that take immediate action on the webinar. Re-target those that watched webinar but did not take action.

Clickfunnels Automated Webinar Template

If you would like to use Clickfunnels for your autowebinars, here’s a link to a Clickfunnels Automated Webinar template:

This template allows you to set up your autowebinar in minutes! Just change text, graphics and video – and you are done!

If you are new to Clickfunnels and use the above (affiliate) link to sign up with Clickfunnels,
send me a message and I’ll give you FREE access to my Clickfunnels Course.

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