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When it comes to landing pages and funnels, one has lot of options to choose from. One of the most talked about – both positive and negative – funnel tool is Clickfunnels. In this blog post I’ll review Clickfunnels Alternative, Convertri, and talk about similarities and differences of these platforms.

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Clickfunnels Alternative – Convertri

Convertri is a UK based start-up led by Andy Fletcher providing landing pages and sales funnels with a slogan “Faster Funnels, Higher Conversions”. Where Clickfunnels has tens of thousands of users, Convertri has over 2,500 users (Aug 2017).

Convertri is the newer kid on the block and one that certainly deserves a closer look. Their slogan promises faster funnels and after testing I can say that they win on download speed hands down comparing to Clickfunnels. More on this later though.

What Makes Convertri Better than Clickfunnels

This is not to say Clickfunnels is bad, but there are few things that Convertri just does better. When using Clickfunnels you pretty soon find out the limits it has on its page builder, and on few other things. Their marketing message is to “abandon your website now” and just use Clickfunnels. Of course that can be done, but it is not recommended at all, as you will run into problems and issues with their page builder and lack of intuitive interface.

Here are couple of reason why Convertri is better than Clickfunnels.

  1. Speed
  2. Funnel Planner
  3. Undo Button!!
  4. Drag-n-Drop
  5. Price

Read more about each item below.


This is a big one and Convertri wins this by a mile, or multiple seconds. Converti landing pages are lightning fast and win Clickfunnels by more than 4 seconds when tested same page built on Clickfunnels and Convertri.

Speed is key to conversion. People leave the page if it has not loaded within 4 seconds so if your page takes longer you’ll lose a sale.

Funnel Planner

Both offer same features and integrations so I am not going to focus on those. You can see full list for Clickfunnels and for Convertri.

Below you’ll find how Convertri works slightly different than Clickfunnels.

Convertri has an interesting “funnel planner” which is great visual tool to use to design your complete funnel. This allows you to stop using whiteboards to draw up your funnel – just do it directly on the platform and move parts around freely. This is powerful. Their pages builder is also free form editor allowing you to design the pages as you like.


Undo Button

One of the most annoying thing about Clickfunnels is lack of Undo button – and believe me if you work with funnels or any website, UNDO is a must! I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally deleted a section and only way to get it back is to build it again from scratch. So frustrating! (And if you ask me, big enough reason to move to Convertri!)

Convertri has an undo button. This is big, honestly, really big! Once you work with funnels for a while, you’ll know what I mean and feel my frustration and will run to any other tool that offers a simple undo button. It’s the little things, you know.


First of all ease of use – Convertri’s interface is really easy to learn and you really do not have to be a geek to figure it out. It is simple and straightforward, and if you get stuck at any point, there are plenty of how-to-videos available on Convertri support pages. Both offer drag-and-drop for their pages but one does make this way easier than the other.

Convertri has an awesome interface with genuine drag-and-drop function. Clickfunnels does have one too but it does not work as well as Convertri’s.


Price is often an important deciding factor when choosing a tool to use. It should not be the main factor by any means as it is an investment into making more money.

USD 97 / month for basic account for 20,000 impressionsUSD 59 / month for 25,000 impression
USD 297 / month for advanced account for unlimited impressionsUSD 69 / month for 100,000 impression
USD 199 / month for 400,000 impression


Both offer trials, and I highly recommend trying both to see which one you like the best. Of these two I recommend Convertri.

Click to sign up for free trial with Clickfunnels & Convertri. Converti also has a Template Club – you can sign up by clicking here.

Marketing & Hype

Clickfunnels wins this 10-1. But is that a good thing?

I am not so sure it is. There is lot of hype around Clickfunnels and #funnelhackers are popping out everywhere on social media. Yes, Clickfunnels are awesome in their marketing – they truly know how to create a “cult” of followers who buy anything and everything they offer. They do offer great things, don’t get me wrong, but their marketing works like well oiled machine. I highly recommend following Clickfunnels for a while even if you are never going to sign up as you’ll learn so much about marketing!

Convertri on the other hand is like the quiet student in the corner who no one really knows anything about. Their marketing is lacking compared to Clickfunnels, and they are lead by the lead developer – which may be the reason for lack of focus on hype marketing. This is not to say it is a bad thing! There is market for every type of business and marketing.

Which is Better

If you ask me, Convertri does offer a lot for someone looking to build landing pages and funnel. Speed and undo-button are big enough reasons to make the move from Clickfunnels to Convertri especially if you are not looking to use Clickfunnels membership sites. So there you go, Clickfunnels Alternative – I will be posting others as well do sign up to get updates.

Are you moving?

*This blog posts has affiliate links and I may earn a commission should you take up on my offer and use the mentioned services. You still pay the same amount and these commissions keeps my business going and these blog posts written.*

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  • JM says:

    Very nice review of clickfunnels. A few things i noticed. I did not see a hyperlink when you state click here for a free trial. ☺. Again a very nive and well written article and comparison especially in terms of the undo button. Thanks for sharing

    • Undo button is so important!
      I have accidentally messed up so many pages on Clickfunnels and lack of undo-button is big enough reason to move elsewhere.
      Thanks for letting me know about missing link – should be ok now

  • Bradley80 says:

    Nina, thank you but I’m skeptical. First thing I did was Google them, and go to their payment plans. Clicked to buy and I was taken off site to a form that asked for email and payment in a single step. That’s pretty much broken every rule I’ve learnt about funnels in one click … Any thoughts?

    • Convertri uses JVzoo to handle their payments and it is a single step process. Convertri does not provide checkout but can be integrated with many checkout provides. Do you mean not having single step checkout or another funnel rule?

      • Just a heads up that Convertri does offer checkouts (pretty smooth process) and they have a limited time offer for full year for unbeatable price. Check out more here

  • Hazel says:

    Thanks for this, Nina – a very useful post at an opportune time as I was on the verge of getting ClickFunnels. It has given me pause 🙂 Thanks!

    • Nina says:

      Convertri is really a great option for funnels. Page speed in really good and has been better than Clickfunnels.

  • D says:

    I thought that Click Funnels was a more intuitive system for newbies. i.e alot of the process is set up for you easily without having to have alot of knowledge. Convertri seems to need more indepth knowledge of funnels and isnt as easy to get started on. Also the Funnel Scripts seem really an amazing tools that intergates with Click Funnels. If honest prefer to support Convertri as the new kid on the block but doesnt seem to be as slick as Click Funnels.
    Let me know

    • It is also just matter of preference – go with one you like to use. All systems have ups and downs.
      Support is a major issue that Convertri does really well. Clickfunnels in my experience not well at all which lead me to cancel my account a month ago.
      If you are looking for all-in-one solution with done for you funnels, Kartra might be worth checking out – I’m trialing it at the moment.

  • Qais Sami says:

    hey Nina, thanks for the article. I checked convertri site and mentioned they don’t support physical product e-commerce. also i didn’t a help center and who is behind it. is it trusted and reliable site?

  • John says:

    Its impossible to find Contact Us at They lost me.

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