I am a big fan of Chrome and extensions it provides. Chrome is my main browser and many of the extensions are use daily as well. Super charge your Chrome with these awesome marketing extensions that help you become a better marketer of your products & services. So here are 10 highly effective Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs.

10 highly effective Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs


Make the URL’s you share nice and short for the web. Bitly is super easy to use and also provides great analytics on how many clicks you got. Bitly is great especially for social media where space is often limited and long URL’s just do not look good. You can personalize URL’s which is great for branding!


An easy way to check your writing anywhere on the web! It is spot typos in Facebook posts and more. Grammarly is an online proofreading tool and you can use both online and offline. It does not just fix spelling mistakes but also grammatical errors. Highly recommended! You can also copy/paste text to Grammarly itself and use it without installing Chrome Extension. (Grammarly corrected multiple spelling mistakes on this blog post…)


Momentum replaces boring new tab / open page with a personal dashboard with a beautiful image, task list, and inspiration. Not really a marketing tool per se but you could use it as a daily task list of your marketing plan.


Need to capture a quick screencast to share on social media? With one click you can record your screen, finish and share your screencast swiftly and easily. Loom is 100% free to use.


Find yourself on Facebook while you should be working on your online course? StayFocusd is the solution for procrastinators as it will limit the time you spend on time-wasting websites. This. Is. A. Must. Tool.! Go ahead add it now, you’ll thank me later!

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Found a nice looking website and want to know what is it built with? Or want to spy your competitor’s advertising channels? All can be done with BuiltWith that will tell you what technology is used the build the website itself as well as any advertising trackers. Find the website you want, activate BuiltWith and spy!

Last Pass

Tired of typing out password again and again? Last Pass saves you from typing passwords and enables you to use very secure passwords and you only need to remember one password -> Last Pass. It remembers all your passwords and you can even set up an automatic sign in if you like.

If you have Virtual Team Members, ask them to sign up for Last Pass and you can then share your password securely without ever showing the password to your remote team member!

Zoom Scheduler

Zoom is awesome easy to use meeting, conference and webinar tool. I use it for client meetings as it provides high-quality audio and video as well as option to save all conversations. To use Zoom Scheduler, sign up with Zoom here and then head over here to download Zoom Scheduler Chrome Extension.

Evernote Web Clipper

Saw an awesome ad on Facebook or in a blog but don’t know how to save it? Evernote Web Clipper is an awesome extension and addition to Evernote (if you are not using Evernote yet, sign up now!). You can say goodbye to never ending list of bookmarks and instead of saving it to Evernote and use tags so you can always find it easily and quickly.

Similar Sites

If you find yourself at your competitor’s website and want to find other competitors so you can get a better idea who your competitors are and how you can improve your marketing plan, then Similar Sites will help you out. Activating Similar Sites gives you immediately 10 related websites. Works pretty well finding similar sites so definitely a must tool before creating your marketing strategy and activities.

I did promise 10 Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs… but I just have to add one more… this is THE traffic tool for my business.


By far the best social media tool for driving traffic -> Tailwindapp for Pinterest. When it comes to social media and traffic, there is just no better than Pinterest, and Tailwindapp makes is super easy and quick to pin your pins to your and group boards ensuring no matter what time it is in the day or night, your pins are always on the top. That means traffic. And tons of it!

First, sign up for Tailwindapp (get 100 free pins on me!) and then download Taiwind Chrome Extension here.

This blog post is also shared on Pinterest exclusively using Tailwindapp – and visibility is guaranteed. I know I speak highly of this tool but it really deserve all the praise!

chrome extensions for entrepreneurs

What Extension are you using / did you start using?

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  • Great resource list here. I’m going to have to install a couple I don’t have. I didn’t know Bit.ly had a chrome extension. Thank​ you.

  • I also didn’t know Bit.ly had an extension and I use it all the time!! Sweet list of useful extenions :)

  • This is an amazing list! I thought I was a botnkf a chrome extension ninja, but I’ve learned so much from this!

  • I love Loom. I’ve been recommending it to all of my students. So easy to use and post videos, and it’s free, so you can’t beat it!

  • Hillary Damke says:

    Love this online business opportunity for my TVET Institution

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