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What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

One of the most popular ways to make money online for beginners and bloggers is affiliate marketing. You may have heard the term “affiliate marketing” and if you have read my posts you may have seen mention about being partner/affiliate to services. This is pretty popular topic and many ask me to write more about […]

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Writing copy that sells

Writing copy that sells is pretty hard for business owners, unless of course one is a copywriter. The only way to make sales online is to have a compelling sales pages and copy that sells. Hiring a copywriter is very expensive and as a beginner business owner hiring one may not be possible. That was […]

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Thrivecart Lifetime Offer

If you have been shopping around for a shopping cart option, you may have come across Thrivecart lifetime offer. Thrivecart is currently on a private beta and does not allow access directly via their website, one way to access is via their partners. Luckily for you, I am Thrivecart parter for their Lifetime offer. WARNING: […]

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Why I Stopped Using Facebook for Business

I use my own online business as a guineapig for all kinds of testing, and social media is one that I constantly test and analyze. For a while now I have been keeping Facebook under a microscope to see much effort it requires and what results it provides. After months of testing and analyzing I […]

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How To Generate Income Online

I bet you have searches how to generate income online few times already and read numerous blog posts how to do it. I know I have. Reason why I kept searching instead of acting is that it all got too complicated and I got stuck before I even got started. I got stuck because at […]

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Thrivecart Review 2017

Shopping cart – one big question every online entrepreneur has to consider in the business journey. If you sell anything online, you soon will need to consider a shopping cart solution. This Thrivecart Review talks about benefits of choosing Thrivecart over popular competitor Samcart and why every business needs to have dedicated shopping cart rather […]

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Clickfunnels Alternative – Convertri

When it comes to landing pages and funnels, one has lot of options to choose from. One of the most talked about – both positive and negative – funnel tool is Clickfunnels. In this blog post I’ll review Clickfunnels Alternative, Convertri, and talk about similarities and differences of these platforms. If you rather watch a […]

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