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Book Sales Estimator Tool For Amazon by TCK Publishing

By Nina Kolari

book sales estimator

book sales estimator

If you have a book or if you are thinking about writing a book (which you definitely should!), here’s a handy tool to spy on your competitors success on Amazon! It is always good to know your competitors and with this tool you can see what kind of need is there in the market for your chosen topic. If you don’t have a book you can check how sellable your book idea could possibly be, or if you already have a book check your competitors and see how you are doing against them. When you are writing a book, use this handy tool to your advantage.

You can find the book sales estimator on TCKpublishing.com with clear instructions on how to use the tool. The tool does not tell about Amazon Prime reads which is a shame but it does give an idea how popular a book or a niche is.

You can also check my sales of my new book on Upwork! I published my book just under a month ago and so far it has been great. I have not done that much marketing as I’m half on holiday and focusing on new courses. Not the best time publishing I must admit but I just wanted the book out in the market to beat my procrastination! In the fall I will start big marketing campaigns along with new book and multiple new courses. My sales have been slow on Amazon but I have got lots of Prime readers which is great! Those have converted nicely into traffic to my website and hopefully ultimately paying course students as well.

Now over to you…

What kind of sales results did you get for the books you checked?


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