One of the best ways to capture organic traffic is with a blog. A marketing option that many eCommerce store owners miss mostly because they don't have an idea what to write about. If you are nodding on your head, this blog posts about topic ideas for eCommerce store is for you!

These post ideas work for any type of business though so do keep reading if you sell a service. Blog is great way to grow your organic reach both on Google and Pinterest - two search engines I use to market my business. 


Rank on the world's largest visual search engine and see you organic traffic go through the roof like my eCommerce client who got 3000 visitors organically.

1. Gift Guides 

This is an easy blog post to write and super helpful to the reader. These are especially helpful during the holiday seasons but work just fine all year round. 

These types of posts are great way to remind your customer about approaching event / occasion and to promote your products at the same time without being salesy.

Readers find gift guides very valuable as we all struggle to find that perfect something to our loved ones.

For example you can create...

  • seasonal gift guide
  • gift guide for women / mom / wife / sister / BFF
  • gifts for dog owners

The list is endless as there are literally thousands way to create this list to match your eCommerce store niche.

Best part of gift guide is that there is very little writing to be done! Select variety of your products and price levels, and potentially complementary products from fellow retailers, to feature in your list.

Guides are mostly visual so do pick your best product images for this round up post type. These type of posts do really well on Pinterest so take time to create a pin for your post as well. 

2. Staff Favorites

Do you often hear your staff talking about certain products? Gather your staff picks in one helpful post along with comments from members of the staff.

You may have seen in book stores a comment from staff talking about the book. Do this with your products.

You also learn great insights into how product is being used and what are the most loved features. (and your staff will appreciate the freebie!)

3. How to..

Here's a value bomb that readers appreciate, and share! A "how to" blog post.

You product could have a uses other than most think of. Write up a blog post that features 10 ways to make most of.... or how to take care of your product... or maybe you sell juices and then could write how to make delicious smoothies.

You can see an example of an eCommerce store how to blog posts here where The Squeeze talks about How to detox in 24 hours. They sells juices and juice cleanses so this post is not only helpful but great way to market their own products.

4. Answer a Common Question

Do you hear customers asking same questions over and over and you probably already have a FAQ section on your site. Expand one of those questions into a blog post and go more in-depth with your answer.

Or maybe you write about which product they should choose from your range. Example a luggage and what type of trip its best for.

What has customers been asking from you lately?

5. Product Feature

Save this for your best seller and get your customers involved. If you are not already asking for customers to share their images using your product, now is a great time to start. 

You could write a blog post that talks about that product in more details:

  • where product was sources
  • who is making it (if not you)
  • ecological impact of your product
  • how the product was originally created and changed over the years

And of course you can use your customers reviews and images to spice up the post.

6. Round up post

Round up post could be a post featuring the best recipes for spring if you are in the food space. Or maybe you could write about websites that inspired you recently or social media accounts in your niche that you love.

If you dare to write about your competitors, here's your chance. Gutsy but often a fantastic move. By featuring your competitors best products or maybe its tips how to use the product, you get lot of shares. Your competitors probably share it since it mentions them and you'll be seen as the top in the niche. And probably get quite a bit of backlinks which are super important for your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

This type of post is NOT for every business but has lot of potential.

7. News in your industry and business

What's happening in your niche/industry this year? New regulations coming up? Is your business expanding or adding new warehouses? Are you about to launch a new line of product?

You could talk about your up coming product launch and write about the journey from idea to the store.

Or if you are collaborating with influencers you could write interview blog post.

8. Guest Post

Don't fancy writing any posts your self? Then get someone else to write it for you as a guest post. Contact expert around your topic and give them a space to share their expertise. They get visibility and a link back to their website, you get valuable content to share on Pinterest. Win  Win!

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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