Generate extra income in your coaching business by creating and selling digital products. In this post I cover the four best products you can create in a weekend. 

These digital products are also great way to expand your audience and get more people sign up on your 1-2-1 coaching program.

I currently sell workshops, planners/journals, workbooks and templates to create passive income in my business.

Use digital products to earn income and build a client prospect list

Digital products allow you to generate revenue using your existing skills and knowledge.

They help you make money without trading time for dollars and build your email list with paying cusotmers.

Developing online products and services helps people find out about you and benefit from your content.

Many online marketers recommend creating a "freebie" aka lead magnet to get started in order to build your email list. Creating these "freebies" is pretty much yesterday's strategy - people do not want more information, they need transformation!

A better way to go about this today is to sell your product at a customer friendly price. This income can be used to cover the cost of paid ads to build your coaching business faster. This means your bank account won't take a hit as you market your digital product.  

When a customer signs up for an online workshop or reads your ebook, they will likely be very interested in learning about your live coaching program.

In addition, creating digital products will help boost your brand awareness, establish leadership in your field, and increase your overall visibility.

So let's take a look at some of the best digital products for coaches. 

Planners & Journals

There are planners for just about every type of need out there, including calendars, illustrated diaries/notebooks, journals and even apps! Just like printed planners, there are digital planners to match all purposes and personalities.

For Coach, Journal is by far one of the most powerful lead generation methods!

You can create digital planner and sell a PDF version or it of you can create physical version with Amazon KDP Print-on-Demand-program - if you are interested in this, check out this website.

A truly helpful planner needs to solve a problem and create a positive change. Some examples include:

  • Prompt Journal (add your topic here!)
  • Positive routine planner
  • Goal Planner
  • 90 day goal setting
  • Mindful meditation journal
  • Mindset journal
  • various worksheets
  • Trackers, organizers and more

So think about it: what kind of planner could you create that would solve a problem or other words create a transformation for your ideal client? 

A few ideas for planners that have been successful online include:

  • 52 weeks or 365 days of journal prompts
  • 52 weeks of email nurture topics
  • 365 social media posts 
  • 365 days of affirmations

Check this template and get your journal up in couple of hours or less!

Online Workshops

One of the best ways for coaches to leverage their expertise and knowledge into income is by creating online workshops also known as masterclasses. 

When you first think about creating your first workshop, you should do it live. This way you can create truly powerful product that answers the exact problem your ideal client is looking to solve.

Once you've nailed the live workshop, you can turn it into evergreen workshop.

One of the hardest parts of the coaching business is the one-on-one service delivery model. Workshops allow coaches to serve multiple prospective clients (or existing clients) simultaneously and to earn extra income.

The best approach for an online workshop designed to reach out beyond your current clients is to focus on a single topic of high interest to your target audience.

Establish a price point that makes it hard for them to resist and then deliver great value.

If you'd like to learn morea bout workshop, check out my workshop on workshops.

A mini workshop is a great, easy place to start. 

It’s a 60-minute time investment that will help to grow your Impact and Income.

This uncomplicated path delivers true value and creates an already satisfied customer.

Everybody wins with a mini workshop

It’s like a POWER HOUR of benefit for your new clients and your coaching business. 

And the process is very simple once you know what to do. 

You start with money coming in with the first sale. Your workshop audience have become actual customers motivated to check out your online signature program or face-to-face coaching. All because your webinar has provided them with the "know, like and trust" connection so important in marketing.  

Calendars & Boards 

Digital calendars, and/or boards like Asana and Trello, support your clients in organizing the things they know they need to do in a very clear, easily understandable, and visual way.

You can create calendars and board templates for something as simple as morning routines, fitness plans, or something more detailed like 90-day goal setting or life rebalancing.

So, take a look at your programs or packages and see where you can layout helpful steps in a day-by-day format. 

Then create calendars or board templates based on those things and market them as a digital product. Some examples include:

  • 30 day challenges
  • Launch calendar
  • Morning routine
  • Family activity planning
  • Workout calendar
  • Self care calendar
  • Meditation calendar


Plug & Play Templates

The last one is particularly great for business coaches. Plug & Play templates are easily editable pieces of content that someone can copy, paste and use right away.

You provide your customers with text files or word documents that include the content and simple descriptions on where to personalize with their stories or other content.

They can be used for posting on social media sites, into their own journal, and even positive reinforcing messages for their computer screen.

They won't need to spend time creating content, writing, or watching videos to figure out what to say.

People like them because Plug & play templates are fast and easy to implement.

Some plug & play templates ideas include:

  • Email templates
  • Social media post captions
  • Subject lines
  • Blog/YouTube titles
  • Social media graphics

These examples are just the top of 4 of a wide variety of digital products you can develop for earning income and evolving your brand.

They offer an ideal way to expand your business outside of one-to-one coaching.

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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