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Your sales funnel pages are the gold mind you are sitting on. If your funnel pages are not converting, you are not making money. But if they are, could they work better? To know this, you need A/B testing. Normally this means signing up with Clickfunnels or Leadpages and paying high monthly price for their service. Not anymore. Thrive Themes have just launched alternative to Clickfunnels – ThriveOptimize.

For a one single payment you get to A/B test your heart out on ANY page you want on your WordPress website.

HEADS UP! Limited time offer! 

ThriveOptimize is the Best Clickfunnels Alternative

Why so? Firstly price since this is a big decision point for many.

Clickfunnels costs you $97 / per every single month.

ThriveOptimize costs you simply $97 one-time-fee!

*please note ThriveOptimize is a launch price and will not be live for long so take up on the offer now* 

Major Differences between Clickfunnels and ThriveOptimize

Clickfunnels is a SAAS sales funnel software. You can build complete funnels, even complete websites with Clickfunnels. If you opt for full suite you can run your complete business on Clickfunnels using their email and affiliate management services. You are able to run your business without ever needing a hosting service or worry about managing a WordPress site.

ThriveThemes / Optimize is WordPress based plugin and theme service. You will need a hosted WordPress based website in order to use TT. You can either purchase single plugin/theme or opt for full suite membership for $19 per month – this gives you access to all their plugins and themes. Their themes by the way are the fastest and most conversion focused themes out there!

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Which one Should you Choose?

There are of course multiple factors to take in to account when deciding which one to choose. I listed couple of common things to consider.

If you already have a WordPress site – go for ThriveOptimize or the complete suite with membership (highly recommended)

If you do not have website, email service etc. – consider Clickfunnels that potentially can run your complete business under one roof. No need to worry about hosting charges. Please note that if you plan to add a blog to your business, Clickfunnels is not great option. You need to host your blog elsewhere most likely a WordPress site.

You want to start blogging – ThriveThemes is awesome for bloggers! Lightning fast pages and posts together with focus on conversion (ie. more money to you!). You should be blogging as it is fantastic way to get FREE traffic from Google. I get 60% from my site traffic on Google by simply posting blog posts. And once you rank, you have free traffic coming to your site day and night – no Facebook ads necessary!

Why ThriveOptimize could beat Clickfunnels

Firstly price.

Second ease of use.

One more, speed!

ThriveThemes wins Clickfunnels on each of those, and by quite a big difference. Speed is crucial to your success. If your site loads more than 3 seconds, you loose the potential customer. People do not stop and wait for your site to load, they just click “back button” and go check out your competitors.

Clickfunnels is known to be on the slow to load.

You can check your site speed by Google by clicking here.

Thrive Themes all plugins and themes are really easy to use. They are not only functional but come with great designs that are focused on converting your visitors into email subscribers and buyers.

I did mention price early on the post and I must mention it again.

$97 per month vs $97 one time fee.

Not much to say after that statement…

As mentioned earlier ThriveOptimize is currently on launch mode so you can crab that awesome $97 one-time fee offer by clicking here. Warning, launch price will go away very quickly so sign up and test it yourself in peace as you have 30 days no questions ask refund policy.

I’ve also recently reviewed Kartra vs Clickfunnels, you can read the review by clicking here.

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