Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Nina. I coach, I mentor, I travel and I love talking about business.

I quit rat race a while ago to pursue more free lifestyle and pursue my passion. All I wanted to work anywhere I want, when ever I wanted. Oddly enough corporate world could not provide this to me...

So I quit.

And went on a mission to figure out how to make money online.

Long story short - I figured it out! 🙂

Since escaping the cubicle I've freelanced, consulted, coached, travelled, networked, built funnels, automated and had way too many Skype calls.

I am truly best with figuring out how to monetize ones expertise, experience and passion online. 

I can quickly say which is the best ways you can make money online and how to get there.

I love a good chat about business and if you talk to me about your business and I seem momentarily a bit distracted, dont worry, I am just building your sales funnel in my mind... True story!

If you would like me to figure out your escape plan, head over here and lets built it together.


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