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Biggest myth with online business is that you need to just hustle more, more and more to make it...

I don't think so.

I think the opposite is true. You totally can market and sell your services and producst without driving yourself bonkers in the process.

This is what happened to me before. I got more and more tired of constant need to be online and available, just in case somebody commented on a post or sent a DM.

I started my business to get more freedom but quickly realized I just created an another job - but just way worse!

So I went to discover how I can market effectively withouth the hustle. Long story short - Pinterest & Google SEO showed up. 

I got so good at getting traffic from Google and Pinterest that people started asking me to help them do it as well, and rest is history.

Nowadays I run couple of businesses.

Because I can.

My day job is helping eCommerce stores success on Pinterest. I also teach eCommerce store owners to run their own ad campaigns and teach people to become Pinterest Marketers. 

My side gigs are many.

Because why not?

I sell digital products on Amazon, Etsy and on my own websites. I also run eCommerce stores in multiple niches myself (got an idea but need a marketing partner? Hit me a message).

You see, I practice what I preach :)

I work with entrepreneurs and solopreneus helping them make it online.

I've trained over 4000 students all over the world how to start and scale an online business.

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