We all know that ChatGPT can do amazing things but your chatting just became better with these great hacks that you are about to learn. Get more out of ChatGPT and take your AI work further. 

The AI space is rapidly changing and thousands of new tools come out each month. The most known of course is the ChatGPT by OpenAI.

Leave a comment below if you already knew one or more of these ChatGPT hacks or if you found an unique way to use ChatGPT that’s not listed. I would love to hear about your ChatGPT hacks.

The last one is the best!

Unique ChatGPT Hacks to Use Today

Now let's dive into the hacks - here are the 7 ways to maximise your output from ChatGPT.

1. Create Emojis

This is great if you are writing social media posts as we all know how effective a little smiley face can be in the sea of text. 

People scan rather than read and emojis can help one scan the text easily.

Why use emojis in ChatGPT:

  • make content more engaging
  • content is more "scannable" as it breaks the text
  • replace words to keep text short and concise
  • universally recognisable
  • show your style and tone in a fun way

Example prompt to add emojis into a social media post:

Add emojis to the following social media post where you think it would be best used and be most engaging.

[add your social media post here]

2. Business Name with ChatGPT

Run out of ideas what to call your start up? Not anymore!

ChatGPT can tackle this for you and even check if the domain name is available. Note: the data is only up to year 2021 so if the domain has been reserved after it will show up on the list.

Why business names

  • get fresh ideas for business names
  • set parameters for lenght and style

Business name ChatGPT prompt example:

provide a list of business names for [your business type] in [industry] using [keyword here]. Keep the business name less than [number here] characted

You can edit the above as you like with further details or get going with that and then ask it to come up more ideas related to the one you liked the best.

3. Create Table with ChatGPT

This is a super handy trick if you are asking for lot of data - get it all nicely formatted in a table format for easy viewing. 

Why Tables

  • large amount of data in a more readable format
  • copy / paste straight to Google Sheets

You can create a prompt with all the details or simply let ChatGPT to create the table as it sees best by adding the below text at the end of your prompt:

Create the output in a table format.

4. Create links with ChatGPT

This one can be handy if you are writing an email for example and want to add links. Not really worthwhile if you have just one link but for multiple can be very helpful.

Add an hyperlink labelled ["your link text here"] that points to https://domainhere.com

5. Translate with ChatGPT

Yes, it can be used as a translator too! If you have a snippet of text that you'd like to translate into multiple languages, use the below prompt.

Benefits of ChatGPT 

  • save time by getting tasks done in a single tool
  • get multiple languages at the same time
  • accurate translations (do proofread thought)
  • cost-effective 

Translate the following text into: spanish and french

[content here]

6. Add Tone & Style with ChatGPT

If you use ChatGPT for any kind of content and you have a certain style, ask ChatGPT to follow it.

If you always write in a journalistic style, ask for the output in that style.

You can ask ChatGPT to "act as ______" [add your professional on the line] and you'll immediately get better output.

Benefits of Tone & Style

  • get text in required writing style
  • text that "sounds" more like you
  • higher quality output when using "act as____"

Rewrite the below content in informative and journalistic style:

[content here]

You can also add the style and tone at the end of any prompt:

Write 700 word article about [topic here] in journalistic style.

7. Get Prompts from ChatGPT

This one is handy! If you are not sure what to ask to reach your goal, describe your situation and ask ChatGPT to tell you what to ask from it!

Literally get ChatGPT to guide you all the way and get great results. 

"Quality of your input dictates the quality of your output!"

Benefits of Prompting

  • get better output from ChatGPT
  • guided process keep you focused

Can you give me the most effective prompt that would help me achieve the below goal? Be as detailed as possible and guide me the next step.

[your situations / goal here]

My favorite ChatGPT hacks

There you have it >> my favorite hacks to speed up my work and get better output. 

What's your favorite hack? Let me know in the comments and I'll create another list of hacks and link yours too.

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About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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