I though I write post on traffic and what I have been doing lately to increase it.

It is one of the hardest parts for new website owner but also one skills that must be learned. I have done a lot of experiments lately to figure out where my traffic comes from and what to focus on going forward. 

I have two clear winners as traffic sources for NinaKolari.com
Search engines

Here’s details:
64% of traffic from search engines/SEO – this is pretty much only Google. I have not done anything with regards Bing or Yahoo. 
27% of traffic from Pinterest
And rest 9% comes from Facebook, Instagram and other sources.

As a result I actually stopped posting on Facebook as it is now a pay-to-show media. This does not mean stopping ads or hosting groups but I have pretty much stopped posting on my Facebook pages. 

The great thing about my traffics that it both sources are free! For Pinterest I do use tool that automates it but it is just $10 / per month so I don’t even count it.

Pinterest is really picking up compared to last quarter. I have been trialing a couple of tools that work really well for Pinterest and re-designed my pins to get more clicks.

It has worked like a charm! My Pinterest followers are growing and so are clicks. 

Here’s a blog post I wrote about Pinterest and how you can use for marketing: https://ninakolari.com/pinterest-marketing-tips/

I also continue to work on SEO across all of my websites and am getting more and more page 1 positions for my targeted keywords. One of my affiliate partners had a promotion last month and I saw big jump in search engine traffic (+ affiliate commission, yay!).

So that is where my websites are now. I will continue to focus on SEO and Pinterest but I am adding one more thing to the mix going forward.

Youtube. My YT channel is ok’ish… it has few videos but I have not consistent in posting new videos.

Looking at the stats though, I should. I have steady rising viewership for my videos and slowly also more subscribers. Since Youtube = Google, it is great for SEO purposes.

So my goal with Youtube is that by end of Dec 31, I want my YT channel to be filled with videos and subscribers tripled. Click here to subscribe.

I’ll report back monthly basis so you can follow up how my experiments keep going.

What do you do to get traffic to your business?

About the author 

Nina Kolari

Nina loves creating how-to videos to help online entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses with high effective systems, tools and automations. She is completely location independent and travels frequently.

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