5 Easy Ways to Beat Procrastination with Selling

By Nina Kolari

5 Easy Ways to Beat Procrastination

As I work with sales and sales funnels, I will tie this blog post to selling. Here’s the reason. When it comes to selling, I think majority of entrepreneurs and business owners are procrastinators in a big way! That is because majority hate selling – yes, hate selling. So here’s 5 actions to beat procrastination with sales, and most common reasons why we procrastinate.

5 Easy Ways to Beat Procrastination

I hate Selling

If you already dislike selling, doing it is pretty hard if not even impossible. Why would one want to do anything unpleasant? So change in perspective is a must. Working on your mindset is key to successfully killing procrastination regarding selling. You don’t have to love selling but you need to be comfortable.

If I ask you to think about a typical sales person what image come into your mind?

Probably the worst sales person ever or a sleezeball… or you remember the time you felt pressured to buy something you really did not want. If this happened, you are not alone. Our view of sales professionals is not that rosy is it?

Mindset changes is needed – big time. Good thing is that you can change your mindset and focus on the service you provide and transformation you create rather than selling it.

Learn about Sales Techniques

Anything unfamiliar is scary and brain has to work hard to learn. But our brains is laze and will come up with any kind of excuse not to do what it does not want to do. So in a way it is not even your fault :). If you want to learn more about how our brain works and habit, I highly recommend this book.

Practice Selling

If you are uncomfortable about selling, nothing beast practice. It is hard to start but one always must start from somewhere. If you do discovery calls for example, allow yourself to make mistakes and learn by doing. Record your calls and listen them afterwards to improve your pitch. Many hate selling because lack of control – it is often the client who is leading the conversation when it should be the other way around.

Application Only

If you can, have discovery calls by application only. When you ask prospect to fill in an application you know they are motivated – and those that just want to get free coaching or consulting, will not make the effort. You’ll get less calls but much more qualified leads. Application also allows you to get information about the prospect in advance. As an example – this is my application questionnaire. It is much easier to handle calls when you are in charge and can plan what you need to know more about the prospect in order to pitch your product/service.

Selling is not Top 3 Weekly Activities

When selling is not an habit for you and especially if you are not totally liking the whole action, our minds makes the best excuses there are under the sun not focus on selling activities. One should start the week with thinking about following question, “My goals to grow my business this week are…”. If you make this into a habit and an activity you do every Monday, I guarantee you will get results.

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How are you growing your business this week? What kind of sales activities will you do this week? Let me know in the comments below.


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