Convert more visitors on your website into Clients in Just 3 Steps

Most of your website visitors leave your website without making an enquiry or buying your service. I'll help you convert more visitors to paying clients without spending $$$$ on sales funnel tools, wasting your time with tire kickers or writing proposals!

Everyday potential clients visit your website and leave...

  • Service you provide is awesome and truly transformational but customers leave without connecting with you or buying your service. 
  • Use hours and hours posting on social, doing IG Lives and exhausting yourself chatting with people on social in the hopes they convert into a client.
  • The time from website visitor to client is just tool long and you waste your days on discovery calls that go nowhere.

Want to know why that's happening and what to do about it?

Sound like you could use Conversion Coaching.

What if your online real estate aka website + social generated Traffic & Sales for Your Business?

Stop the overwhelm and overthinking and let's fix your conversions. 


Sell & market smarter, not harder

#1 think I speak with my clients about is learning to sell smarter, not harder. I hate the "hustle more" as it just does not work. Once you have solid foundation for your business: clearly defined niche, easy to buy service packages and smooth sales process... 


Book the clients of your dreams

You'll end up booking your dream clients in no time. Once you match your ideal client + your transformational service package, you'll end up Bigger Bank Account...


Without losing your mind in the process

And get your sanity and time back! No more IG commenting, endless Lives on all social platforms, being visible for the sake of being visible and actually focus on what matter and what you love: your clients and life outside work!

Hi, I'm Nina

Over 10 years as an online business owner taught me a thing or two about marketing and sales.
I've truly tried and tested all tools, apps and strategies know to (wo)man. There are two channels I focus on these days - Google and Pinterest. Why? Both are search engines and can provide evergreen traffic once ranked. 

I spend my days working on my Pinterest Marketing Agency, helping our awesome small businesses and eCommerce clients to reach highly targeted audience both organically and with ads. 

Besides the hands-on work, I also consult and teach businesses how to succeed online.

Happy Customers

David M.

Course Participant

It's nice to learn from someone who has actually done what they are teaching.

Andrea M.

Course Participant

This was exactly what I was looking for! Nina gives clear, useful advice that you can actually use. What's best is that you can take the course and start implementing her tips strait away!

Jane R.

Course Participant

This Masterclass has really opened my eyes to the potential of marketing on Pinterest. I have learned so much about Pinterest and how best to utilise it for my business.

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