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  • how to create an online course

    How to Create An Online Course

    Online course is an awesome way to create passive income and to have multiple income streams in your business. In this blog post I walk about how to create an online course for your businness. Let’s get started. How to create an online course Let’s start this whole process backwards, and start with selling the […]

  • pinterest tips

    10 Pinterest Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

    Pinterest is one of the best social networks for getting free traffic. Pinterest is not just a social network; it is more of a search engine. Pinterest is great way to get traffic and eye balls for your content and best thing is it’s free! Facebook is nowadays pretty much a pay-per-show network as they […]

  • online course elements

    Elements of an Online Course

    What should you consider prior publishing an online course? Of couse quite a bit but here are few necessary elements to consider prior creating a single lesson of your online course. Student Transformation What is the transformation student is going to get from following your course? This is by far the most important aspect of […]

  • Plug-n-Play Sales Funnel

    A Plug-n-Play Sales Funnel For Online Coaches

    Sales Funnels are “the” thing right now. Surely you’ve seen the Facebook ads, the blog posts promos on Facebook groups and more entrepreneurs offering something for free. This is the starting point of a sales funnel and one that every business MUST have in place. Often when I mention Sales Funnel as a concept to […]

  • withcoach review

    Coach Review – Online Course Platform

    As you know I am all about Online Courses and testing out new tools, apps and technologies. I have already used Thinkific, Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare and many more in my research for best online business tools. And I recently discovered a new kid in the block, Coach. I discovered it initially by accident when I […]

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Hi & welcome! I’m Nina and I help freelancers and entrepreneurs monetize their skills to the max. You’ll find awesome resources and practical how-to courses to help you build your ideal lifestyle business.





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