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  • online sales funnel

    Online Sales Funnel in 5 Simple Steps

    Online Sales Funnel – one of the most crucial parts of your business and one that should be on your agenda on a weekly basis. Without marketing your business will eventually fail as you will not get new paying customers. Good thing with online sales funnel is that it can be automated for the most […]

  • Thrivecart Lifetime

    Thrivecart Lifetime Offer

    If you have been shopping around for a shopping cart option, you may have come across Thrivecart lifetime offer. Thrivecart is currently on a private beta and does not allow access directly via their website, one way to access is via their partners. Luckily for you, I am Thrivecart parter for their Lifetime offer. WARNING: […]

  • Why I Stopped Using Facebook for Business

    Why I Stopped Using Facebook for Business

    I use my own online business a guineapig for all kinds of testing, and social media is one that I constantly test and analyze. For a while now I have been keeping Facebook under a microscope to see much effort it requires and what results it provides. After months of testing and analyzing, here’s why […]


    How I Run my Location Independent Life & Business

    Writing about my nomadic lifestyle or running an online business is the most requested topic from my followers and people I meet. I have resisted it for a long time mostly because there are tons of nomad and travel bloggers already out there. I can’t ignore the requests anymore so here’s a download of how […]


    Best Business Books I’ve Ever Read (or listened)

    Over the last 9 years as a business owner, I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal development as well as business products and services to become the best version of myself. Some were good purchases, some were not so good. I’ve listed my fave books below and I hope that these will guide you […]

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Hi & welcome! I’m Nina and I help freelancers and entrepreneurs monetize their skills to the max. You’ll find awesome resources and practical how-to courses to help you build your ideal lifestyle business.





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