10 Secrets of Successful Upwork Freelancers

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Client Love... 

Really enjoyed this course as an introduction to Upwork and world of freelancing. Nina offers a clear snapshot of the basics to get started, what to expect, valuable tips to use for efficiency, handy resources and how to set yourself up for success. All of this delivered with a warm, well spoken and easy to understand style of presentation. I am looking forward to taking other courses from her.


I know this isn't the most important part, but Nina has a very nice voice so it's really easy to listen to her lectures. All of the information she shares is helpful. I like that she relates her lessons to her own experiences. I feel so much more confident about my freelancing future. Also, I like that she offers advice that is very useful and also very practical. She isn't telling you that you're going to be a millionaire in 2 weeks. She's sharing tested and proven ways to build a comfortable career freelancing, which is just what I want. Love this course.