Clickfunnels and WordPress – Guide to Connect the Two

This is a guide how to connect Clickfunnels and WordPress. If you already have WordPress website, integrating Clickfunnels pages is easy and simple process. Follow the steps on this blog post and get your pages online in minutes.

Before we connect or integrate these two, let’s talk why you should do this. If you have an existing website with WordPress it is easy to connect or integrate Clickfunnels with it.

Why you should connect the two?

You are able to use your domain that you own i.e. When you use, you are using ClickFunnels domain that you do not own. Most likely you’ll have no issues but it is always best to own it all pages you put out on the internet. When you use Clickfunnels domain as described, it could become a problem if for some reason Clickfunnels shuts down then you’ll end up having lot of links around the net that goes nowhere. When you own the domain (, this will not happen.

Why should you not use WordPress with Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is responsible for updating the plugin and at times updates may not be that frequent. This could hurt you if WordPress itself does an update making Clickfunnels plugin nonfunctional within WordPress platform. Sounds scary, but quite unlikely to happen.

Below you find step-by-step guide with images how to connect Clickfunnels with WordPress Website. If you would rather watch a video me doing this -> Click Here to Watch.

How to Connect Clickfunnels with WordPress Website

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To start with build your pages on Clickfunnels. Once you have your pages ready to connect, head to your WordPress website as an admin. Go to Plugins and add new plugin.

Once you find Clickfunnels plugin, click Instal Now and then Active.

Now you have Clickfunnels on your Worpress website and it is time to connect WP and Clickfunnels. Head to your Clickfunnels account and go to Account Details.

how to connect clickfunnels and wordpress_accountdetails


You need to copy WordPress API Key to WordPress, red in image above. Copy the API key and head back to WordPress and open Clickfunnels from the left menu.

how to connect clickfunnels with worpdress

Paste API key to Authentication Token and add your Clickfunnels Account Email Address, click SAVE.

Next you need to head to General Settings (third on the menu).

how to connect clickfunnels with worpdress

You need to decide which way you display Clickfunnels pages on your WordPress website.

You have three options: 

Download & Display

Embed Full Page iFrame

Re-Direct to Clickfunnels

Then choose which favicon you want to display – most likely your WordPress Favicon.

And lastly you can add Tracking code (Analytics, Facebook etc.) if you wish.

First option is mandatory, the other two optional. Once you have done required steps, click SAVE.

Now you have connected Clickfunnels and WordPress and you can create your first page.

How to Create a WordPress Page using Clickfunnels Pages

Click Pages  and then Add New.

how to connect clickfunnels with worpdress


Choose Page Type, you have three options:

Regular Page

Home Page

404 Page

Next, choose your funnel from Clickfunnels and Choose step. If you have funnel with multiple pages/steps you can choose any step/page on the funnel. Often though you would choose the first page – squeeze page.

Next one is Clickfunnels URL – you can not change this field, leave as is.

Finally type in your Custom Slug –

Click SAVE and you are done.